How Singapore Education System is Expected to Evolve Soon

How Singapore Education System is Expected to Evolve Soon

Do you know that some changes took place in education structure of Singapore? Ministry of Education (MOE) has already announced some major changes to the education system of Singapore. Hopefully, with these measures focus will be given on strength of the students instead of grades. Let us share these changes in the education system in Singapore:

Healthy Lifestyle

Three areas are involved with fitness and health. They are practising workout, eating food and sleeping. Healthy meals will be provided in all primary and secondary schools, junior colleges etc. This will come into effect by the end of 2017. The focus will be given on sleep and hygiene in PE curriculum of secondary schools.

Students will be provided sports equipment. They will be given training how to use fitness and sports equipment in school hour, breaks or after school. Isn’t it amazing for the students?

Reduce Both the Syllabus and Stress on Exam

Many students take private tuition since class time is not sufficient to grasp everything. Even some teachers have told parents to arrange private tuition. They told that it is not possible to do any more by them. Students are required to enjoy education instead of passing them only. They have to serve well in the future financial system.

Pisa test will change soon. Cultural awareness and global skills will be included with it. Ministry of Education has decided to move the focus of Pisa. An extensive range of skills will be added instead of science and math. Does not it help your child reduce the burden of private tuition?

Direct School Admission

Students will get admitted in secondary schools under Direct School Admission scheme. These schools will require focussing and identifying on exact streams. They are arts, mathematics, sports, and science. General academic aptitude will not be counted as eligibility criteria. An extensive range of assessment tools is available.

Don't you think that will help to get more new talents? These are effective for different tasks like subjects tests, interviews, auditions for the selection procedure. The number of direct school admission will be enhanced. So it will help hunting merits and new talent.

Aptitude Based Admissions

More students will get admitted through aptitude tests not only by the scores of exams. 15% of intake in University will take place through an aptitude test. The quota for Polytechnic Early Admissions Exercise will enhance from 12.5 % to 15%.

Subject Oriented Banding

Secondary students from the academic and technical streams can opt for the subjects at a higher level. Ministry of Education will make a new way for students of ITE. A technical diploma is given by ITE. It is apprenticeship based with a partnership and employers.

ITE students are eligible to apply after obtaining Graduation from Nitec or Higher. They can also apply after working for a few years. This plan will be imposed in sectors like Security System Engineering, Marine & Offshore, Rehabilitation Therapy and others. Are not they helpful top open many scopes for the students?

Secondary Schools will Get More Seats in Affiliate Schools

20% seats of secondary schools will be available to students who are non-affiliated. This is meant for fairness and provides all students with opportunity. It does not relate to their connections or background. So your child can get admission in affiliated secondary schools.

Helping Students Grow Their Interest in Subjects

Schools require engaging them so they can take good decisions in higher educations. Lots of A level and O level students have a small awareness of applied science. They do not know how their study can be effective in the real world. It is useless to memorise a bunch of formulae and solve exam questions. By changing the system, a lot can be done.

Lots of engineering students do not want to be just engineers. Lots of colleges are filled with such faculties who could not get admission into medical. The lesson of mother tongue is also a problem for lots of students. Finally, teachers and institutes require changing their approach. They need to make students interested on a subject instead of passing the exams.

More Stress on Humanities

Heavy focus is there in math and science in the system of Singapore education. Students are interested in taking complete humanities. Often they leave history and take geography. It prevents them from memorising lots of historical events, years and many other tedious things.


These changes in Singapore education system will help to ease the switch between learning and work. What do think about the change in education structure? Hopefully it will help your child.


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