How Students are Dependent on Technology and Why

How Students are Dependent on Technology and Why

In today’s world, students are completely dependent on technology. It is not possible to imagine a day without technology. Students utilize technology for their studies, tutorials, social media, games and entertainment. Although learning through technology is helpful, it makes students over dependent on internet and removes good and essential habits like reading books. Most of the teenagers have latest smartphones and laptops. There should be a balance between usage of internet and performing other activities. Most of the outdoor activities or sports are getting subdued due to internet.

Learning through Technology

Technology has made it easier for students to learn. . To students studying foreign languages like me, the internet equips us with both technological and linguistic capacity while allowing us to remain up to date with our foreign counterparts. Students of this generation should consider themselves very lucky that they are getting materials to study so easily unlike the previous generations.

Most of the classrooms today use E-boards and laptops to teach the students. In a way, schools are encouraging students to use technology. Many schools provide individual tablets and laptops from which a student has to study. Thereby replacing textbooks and notebooks. Although it is easier to learn through videos and presentations, it replaces the essential practices like reading and writing. While the internet provides us with both good and bad aspects, if students overuse the cut-and-paste technique, they will stop absorbing information, which in the long term; will affect their ability to obtain knowledge.

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Pros and Cons of Technology

Like most of the things, technology also has its fair share of pros and cons. It can be proved beneficial as well as extremely harmful. If a student uses internet for study or research purposes, it makes the job quite easy. While if the child uses it for continuous social media and other purposes, it can prove to be extremely distractive. As long as students use information they locate on the internet properly, technology will indeed remain a useful tool in study.While the internet provides us with both good and bad aspects, if students overuse the cut-and-paste technique, they will stop absorbing information, which in the long term, will affect their ability to obtain knowledge.

Why technology can prove to be harmful for students

Too much dependent on technology has contributed to increased laziness among the teenagers. Many of them cannot perform assignment or carryout research without using Google to find information. Therefore, many teenagers do not have time to read and explore books into details because they believe that, with the Internet, everything is possible.The increased technology has solved communication problems, but it has affected personal interaction. This is because many teenagers rely on the Internet and social networking sites to communicate with their friends, but they cannot express themselves in front of others.It has also led to dangerous likelihood of cyber bullying and other associated consequences.

Use of technology by various tutorials and coaching classes

Most of the coaching classes teach students only through technology and gadgets. This makes a habit for students to use different gadgets on each and every step. Most of the concepts are taught through videos and by various kind of presentations. Systems like website attendance, internet portion, results on internet are introduced. Students get so involved with internet that they feel that they cannot study from books. They think that laptops and smartphones are a necessity. All the concepts taught in a coaching class are stored in a drive and are given to students to study from it. These develop habit of studying only through technology.

Measures to control the use of technology

Parents and teachers should work together in order to help youths to cope up in the technology age. They should restrict teenagers from spending too much time on social networking sites and other technology devices. They can also educate them on the impact associated with too much dependent on technology. Motivate teenagers to improve their writing kills and learning skills. Also there should be limitations imposed on schools and coaching classes about teaching with latest technology and using different type of gadgets.


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