How Students can Combat the feeling of being lost in the class

How Students can Combat the feeling of being lost in the class

Being lost in the class is one of the worst feeling and memories of school as it makes a child lonely and decreases his or her confidence. It is a feeling through which most of us have passed through. It hurts the child when they see that most of the other children are sitting in groups and having fun but this child is sitting away and isolated from the class. It degrades the self esteem and self confidence of the child. It also affects the academic performance of the student as it is a feeling of being lost in the class

In college it is easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond. Even though you are surrounded by so many people, you may find yourself feeling lonely. Although your own emotions are unique to you due to your own experiences, it is common to go through the feeling of loneliness since everyone goes through it at some point. College students are prone to feeling this way because they are removed from their comfort zones. This problem occurs particularly for people who are either transitioning from a different college or school or a first time student moving to campus away from home.

To combat loneliness in the class, a child should try and get busy in their hobbies. Learn and perform different type of activities, participate in most of the extra curriculum events etc. When your schedule is full of activities that keep you productive and distracted, you will not have any time to dwell on the fact that you are lonely.

Try making new type of friends and interact with various kind of people. Don’t run behind people in the class you want to be friends with instead talk with people of other divisions, people you ignored before. But be careful not to seek out bad influences or people who only want to use you. Sometimes the vulnerability that comes with being lonely can make you a target of manipulation or abusive people.

Concentrate on your loved ones, if you are feeling lonely, reach out to a relative or a cousin or a friend you trust even if they are thousand of miles away from you. A short conversation with them will lift your whole mood. If you are going through a hard time in school and class, maybe your parents or loved ones don’t even know. Always try to talk to your parents as they are the people which understands you the most. No matter what they will always support you. Try to share each and every detail of your life with them. Don’t hide anything from them as they trust you. Share what feels comfortable for you. Your parents and loved ones will probably feel honored that you shared your feelings with them.

Keep your focus on your academic performance. Don’t get distracted with this concept of loneliness. Just try hard to perform well in all your subjects and score good marks. Your should set a goal for yourself and try to achieve it. Put all your efforts and concentration in your studies. This will help you in future as well as divert your attention from being alone in the class.


Parents and teachers play an important role in removing their students from isolation. Schools and colleges should always teach students to never ignore any person, be friends with everyone. Teachers should put extra attention on the child which is isolated in the class and try to mix the child with other students in the class. Make the child participate in group projects as well as extra activities. In this manner, a child will be able to cope up with the feeling of loneliness and try to mix with others.


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