How Students can Enhance their Concentration Power?

How Students can Enhance their Concentration Power?

Concentration is engaging your mind on one particular activity or thing at a time instead of being engaged in many things simultaneously.

We live in a hyper-connected world where there are just too many distractions. In this fast-paced world, concentration is in very short supply for most individuals, more so for children and teenagers. However, concentration is imperative for students to excel both in their academics and other extracurricular activities.

Tips for students that will help them to enhance their concentration power

1. Focus on your Priorities

By focusing on your priorities, you can able to decide best on the thing you need to concentrate on. There might be too many things going on at a single time such as breaking news on TV, live streaming of your favorite show in Netflix, Facebook newsfeeds, and you need to complete your assignment for submission. By focusing on the priorities, you can prepare your mind to engage itself on the most pressing task and not to fear of missing out the other things. Other things can wait, but the priorities must be addressed first and foremost.

2. Avoid Distractions

Before getting started with the most important and urgent tasks, you will need to shut yourself from all forms of distractions as they will not only rob off your concentration, they will also slow you down considerably and make your work look mediocre. Thus you will need to turn off your TVs, music system, and other play gadgets before you start to work on your assignment or self-study.

3. Find a Quiet Spot to Do Your Activity

If you have trouble concentrating on an important task, you may find a quiet spot that will help you to put more focus on the task at hand. Quiet places are especially beneficial when the activity demands undivided attention and is otherwise too complex to perform in loud places.

4. Immerse Yourself in the Activity

While doing any activity, if you feel less engaged then just think of your attention and posture when you watch your favorite series. Try and implement the same posture, attention, and concentration in the task at hand. If you have to fake it so be it, fake it until you make it. Your body language can help you a lot in improving your concentration.

5. Remain Calm during Performing the Activity

Calmness and tranquility helps in boosting concentration. Even though excitement and enthusiasm helps in learning a new task, calmness and inner peace helps in performing a task efficiently and effectively. You can remain excited any other time, however, you need to remain calm while performing an important task.

6. Learn to Relax and Take Adequate Breaks

Relaxing by taking a short walk, enjoying a humorous video, taking a hot water bath, or listening to some soothing music will help you to concentrate more effectively. Also enjoy some downtime for about 5-10 minutes doing nothing, taking deep breaths, counting your breaths. You can also relax by venturing outdoors, getting some sunlight, and taking a brisk walk.

7. Know How to Control Your Energy

Once you know how to control your nervous energy, concentrating on your current tasks becomes easier. Directing your energy properly is a key step to concentrate efficiently and effectively.

8. Know Proper Meditation Techniques

Meditation is one of the best ways to boost concentration quite easily and effortlessly. By learning a few meditation techniques and practicing those regularly will provide a huge boost to your concentration. You are also required to observe your breath while you are meditating as this will help you to focus on a single activity at a particular time.


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