How Students Can Enjoy Studying

How Students Can Enjoy Studying


Whenever you ask Jackie, “What is your favorite subject in school?” this eight-year-old replies that, “Studies and me, well, we’re miles apart.” His response remains the same even when his exams are around the corner. Or, his Math teacher in school has announced a class test the following week. Unlike his sister Kelly who is studious, Amir is always seen playing with his friends as soon as he is back home from school. During the weekends, he is glued to the television set, busy watching cricket!

No wonder, his grade cards contain red marks in almost every subject, particularly Math, English and History. Everyone including his parents, school teachers and private tutors have made attempts to motivate Amir, but all in vain. After all, ‘you’ are the best person to motivate yourself to study harder. So, studying seriously can never become your habit, unless you truly want it to become a part of your daily life.

Now, why do most students seem to escape studies? Some put off their homework for the weekend. Some others come up with excuses to skip school or their private tutorial sessions. This happens because academics tend to turn a bit boring or monotonous after a point of time. Here are some ways in which students can enjoy studying:

  • Clean your space: A clean study room would be more comfortable to study in, rather than a messy one. Therefore, stop being lazy and start cleaning it up. First of all, remove anything from your desk that’s not required while you study. Organize your book shelf too and keep the books in perfect order, one by one. Otherwise, you would be easily distracted if there are too many things inside your room or table. A neat and clean desk looks more inviting and smarter.
  • Ask your teacher for help: Never be reluctant to approach your teacher and ask questions if you are unable to understand a particular topic or chapter. She would be glad to know your problem and guide you in the beat way possible. I have met certain students who hesitate to ask questions fearing they might so sound stupid! They fail to observe that acting stupid once during a lifetime is far better than remaining a stupid for the rest of the life. Be an active class participant.
  • Choose proper study place: Next, choose your study area properly. Remember that you can study the best in an isolated region, away from all sorts of distractions or noise. This is true if you wish to study individually, rather than any group study. Close the room of your door to block out any noise that might emanate from other rooms. It would help you focus on what you are studying. Pens, water, snacks, study materials like notes and books must all be with you here.
  • Be eager to learn: Have you noticed how your hobbies treat you? You absolutely enjoy dancing or singing, if any of them are amongst your passions. Naturally, you excel in these activities. Why not apply the very same formula to your studies as well? Stop studying merely with an aim to clear your exams. Instead change your strategy and study to learn anything new and be proud of learning new things every day. This would inspire you to enjoy the learning process and crave for knowledge.
  • Switch off music: The learning technique of every student is different. So, don’t be influenced by your friends and adopt their learning strategies. For instance, some of you might love listening to music as you solve Math problems. However, this technique might not work for all students. Never go for study habits that are better avoided, especially when you are preparing for exams. Music might thwart your concentration power if you are not used to it as you study. So just beware and don’t look at your headphones while studying.
  • Stop being scared: Fear and love never go together. How can you love studying if you are dead scared of Math or Science? If you encounter a tough chapter, read about it in various websites. Collect background information about it and jot down certain points about it, in a notebook. And now, you are ready to fight textbooks containing that subject. You can even study this subject, along with your friend. This would encourage you to shed your inhibitions about the subject and embrace it.
  • Be optimistic: Being optimistic has always proven beneficial. Whether it is during your exam preparation, studying in general or giving an interview. A positive outlook can truly be the silver lining on your clouds. When you have sat down to study, imagine that you are becoming empowered as you imbibe new forms of knowledge. Also, think of innovative ways to study. For instance, you can employ the Feynman Technique to make studies more effective. It helps you memorize better and is popular amongst many students.
  • Shut down your computer: Finally, you got to resist that terrible urge to check your Twitter or Facebook notifications. Or reply to the latest comment on your selfie that you posted on your Facebook timelines. Shut down your computer the moment you have opened your books. Or, if you require your laptop or computer, log out from the Internet. Do the same thing on your smartphone or iPads. Tell yourself that you are going to conquer the subject you are studying currently. And very soon you would start enjoying it.

Student-life is considered to be the best kind of life ever, dear friends. So make the most of it while you are still a student. Learn as much as you can. Dedicate yourself entirely to a world of education and knowledge. For that, you definitely need to enjoy the whole process of learning, be it Math formulas or Science definitions! Use the tips I mentioned above, and in no time you would realize your love for studies.


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