How Teachers can Inspire Students to Study Better?

How Teachers can Inspire Students to Study Better?

Teachers play a major role in the academic development and personal growth of their students. Students are expected to be driven and self-motivated to achieve their academic objectives. However, not all students are same and some require the extra push and a little hand-holding to perform at their level best.

The prime responsibility of teachers is to inspire the students in excelling at their studies as well as developing a well-rounded personality.

Hence teachers and tutors can take a number of steps to inspire their students.

1. Acknowledge Good Work and Praise

Acknowledging good work done by students and praising them for the same reinforce the positive behavior and encourage the students to keep up their good work. Children are motivated when they are happy, spontaneous, and are supported and encouraged. Praise and positive acknowledgement boost the confidence of students and help them to repeat the good deeds.

2. Stimulate the Excitement of Students

Excited students are the most spontaneous and motivated. To get students excited about a subject, teachers need to display excitement and enthusiasm in that very subject. Teachers can also stimulate excitement of students by modulating their voice and varying their volume, pitch, and rate. Teachers can also increase the excitement of students by conducting group activities, including case studies, storytelling, and real life examples.

3. Set Practical Expectations

As a teacher you need to know the capabilities of the students and set the expectations accordingly. When expectations are set too high, students are easily unmotivated as they know that they will fall short of meeting the expectations. If the expectations are set too low, the students are also not motivated as they find them unchallenging. Hence, it is very important for teachers to set realistic expectations.

4. Delegate Some Responsibilities and Control

By delegating some responsibilities and control, teachers motivate the students to become more responsible. By doing so, students feel a sense of ownership.

5. Keep a Friendly Environment

By keeping a friendly environment, teacher can connect with the students in a more profound manner. Teachers need to know the first names of students and call them by their names often. Also they need to be expressive and smile as often as possible. Teachers also need to be consistent in their behavior towards students and treat them as young and responsible people.

6. Monitor Progress Efficiently

Monitoring progress can also motivate students if done in the right way. When teachers monitor the progress of their students, they need to praise for the positive results and work with the students closely in case of negative or less-than-expected results.

7. Make Your Classes Relatable

Teachers need to make their classes relatable for students to ensure greater participation and involvement by the students. When students are able to relate to the classes, they are motivated to remain alert during the class and are likely to retain better. Hence, it is imperative for teachers to make their classes relevant and relatable for students.

8. Use Innovative Educational Techniques

Teachers need to use innovative educational methods and techniques to enable students to remain engaged during the classes. Teachers can use various instructional strategies such as discussions, demonstrations, case studies, lectures, among others to enable students to remain motivated in the classes.

9. Use Positive Body Language

Teachers’ body language also determines the motivation levels of the students. A confident and erect body language motivates students more than a slouching body language. Maintaining eye contact with students while interacting with them is also important for teachers as this can help them to assess the level of enthusiasm the students display.


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