How Teachers Can Rise Above the Utility of Modern Technology

How Teachers Can Rise Above the Utility of Modern Technology

The classrooms of the new millennium have evolved in a lot of ways than the previous lecture-based study sessions. Students can now access detailed information on any subject and do not necessarily depend on the teachers to provide knowledge. So, professors also have to adopt themselves as per the changing education scenario to be considered relevant to the system and an integral part of the classroom learning process. The following topics may be considered by teaching professionals to hold the attention of students in the classroom, as well as providing relevant and practical knowledge.

Using Technological Tools

In today’s digital age, any professional aspiring to be successful needs to master technology and its associated tools related to his work area. The teaching profession is no exception; in fact, digital tools have become a necessity for imparting knowledge. In this case, the aim of a teacher should be to use such mediums like Online Search Engines and Databases as a means of enhancing the depth of students’ subject knowledge instead of depending entirely on them for teaching.

Using the Social Media

With the rising impact of online social media in everyday life, it can now be used for behavioral research and data collection also. Online applications like Twitter and Facebook have millions of active users from all over the world and across various demographics. So, these mediums can be used for fairly accurate and on-the-moment data collection without having to resort to lengthy surveys, questionnaires or interview processes.

Activity-Based Learning

Another paradigm shift in the learning process is the rising importance of practical and hands-on learning. This may also be termed as "learning by making mistakes", as the human brain tends to remember the obstacle-overcoming lessons more easily. So, modern educators need to incorporate these types of training methods in their classroom to help the students understand and remember lessons. As theoretical knowledge is easily and abundantly available through electronic gadgets at the fingertips, the focus should be on assimilation and application of the lessons in practicality.

Student Engagement

With a plethora of distractions available to the average student and the relative ease of knowledge availability through technological means, a student’s engagement in classrooms is a challenge for educators. To achieve this, interaction among students and teachers and also within students is of utmost importance. While accessing information on a subject is easy, group projects and practical assignments for proper assimilation and application of a concept can become the focus area for the educator. In this way, the objections and obstacles in learning can be handled and cleared for the students in a practical and future-ready manner.

Attend Online Courses

To achieve most of the above goals, a teacher needs to be in tune with the current times at the outset. This is achievable by keeping an open mind and going back to the classroom to refresh teaching skills and update the knowledge base. Online courses are a great option for teachers in this journey of learning; it offers detailed general courses or tutorials focused on specific modern teaching concepts. Such courses are flexible in terms of study timings and course durations also; teachers may peruse them as per their discretion and suitability. The focus area is to be in tune with the latest teaching methods and techniques and keep up with the changing times.

Creativity in Teaching Methods

While learning techniques and processes are helpful, the teacher should be creative depending on the student group he is handling at the moment. With technology providing ample conceptual and theoretical knowledge, he or she can focus on the improvement of the grasping and implementation faculties of the students. In fact, educators can now provide individual attention and focus on the weaker students and help them with the problem areas.

Cautious about Collecting Information

The process of searching newer teaching methodologies and techniques will yield a plethora of results through online and other processes. Prudence dictates that teaching professionals invest their time and money on courses with proven credentials like certifications or university patronage. Otherwise, even well-intentioned efforts of the educators can turn out to be ultimately detrimental to the students.

So, with information being available to students at the touch of a button, it is imperative for the educators to keep up with the changing times. With different digital tools at his disposal and personal creativity, a teacher can impart meaningful education to the tech-savvy pupils of today.


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