How to Be More Articulate During an Interview

How to Be More Articulate During an Interview

You’ve got the call for the job interview. You sit up all night beforehand and prepare yourself for it. D-day arrives and you walk in feeling confident about your education, qualifications and abilities. Everything seems to be going fine and then the interview actually starts – and horror of horrors! You find yourself unable to express yourself clearly. The ideas may be in your head but they aren’t coming out of your mouth.

This isn’t just a hypothetical situation. Thousands of people face this problem whenever they go for job interviews. Although they are more than adequately qualified and skilled for the job in question, their inability to communicate well prevents them from answering the interviewers’ questions properly. Naturally, this means that they lose out on jobs that can otherwise be a great fit for them.

There is no doubt that being articulate is extremely important in any interview. Being articulate doesn’t necessarily mean using big words or being a genius of the level of Albert Einstein. What it means is that you should be able to communicate your ideas in a clear manner using the right words. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry – here are some ways you can be more articulate in an interview.

Know What You’re Talking About

Before you can talk about anything, you should know your subject properly. Finding words to communicate is going to be extremely difficult if you do not know what you want to communicate. Make sure that you prepare well for the interview by reading up about the company, the position you’re applying for, the knowledge that will entail and so on. Do some research about what others have to say about that topic.

Be Concise

While you might want to display all your knowledge to the interview panel, this is probably not a good idea. What they’re looking for is someone who can answer their questions in manner that is concise and to the point. This type of an answer shows that you are confident about what you know. If you go on and on, not only will you sound like a windbag, but also like you are trying too hard to show that you are knowledgeable. Sometimes, it may even make you look like you don’t know the answer and so are trying to beat about the bush.

Display Confidence

This part is very important. Your answer may be spot on in terms of knowledge but if you look or sound uncertain, you will come across as someone who doesn’t know his or her subject. Therefore, you need to appear confident not only in your speech but in your body language. Look the interviewer in the eye, make sure that your posture is good, use the interviewer’s name and try to mirror his or her body language. While speaking, try to avoid fillers such as ‘umm’, ‘like’ and ‘you know’. Fillers are words that we generally use to fill up blank spaces when we’re thinking of what to say next. A few might be alright, but too many fillers give the impression that you don’t know what to say and are trying to fill up the space with nonsense.

Think Before You Speak

There is no harm in taking a little time to formulate a proper response. This will be appreciated by the interviewer much more than if you start answering immediately without giving proper thought to your answer and end up floundering all over the place. Doing this also lets you know exactly what to say, thereby eliminating the need for fillers. It also ensures that you don’t end up saying anything that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It also gives the interviewer the impression that you are thoughtful and intelligent.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Please know that this does not mean long words or words that most people may not know the meaning of. You aren’t trying to show off your education here. You’re trying to display your ability to explain something or answer a question using the right words. Therefore, you need to start preparing well in advance. One of the best ways to expand your vocabulary is to read diverse materials and use the words you come across frequently.


Acing an interview is dependent upon how the conversation with the interviewer goes. If you are able to express yourself articulately and confidently, your chances of nailing it and getting your dream job increase by leaps and bounds.


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