How to Fare Well in Your IELTS Exam?

How to Fare Well in Your IELTS Exam?

Most of the Australian Universities require the score of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score from the overseas students willing to study in Australia. IELTS assess the language ability of the candidates. In order to prepare for IELTS test, you have to understand the test format and rules.

Improve your English skills

It takes time to learn a language and one of the best ways to learn English is to practice it thoroughly. You have to develop a habit of speaking, listening, reading and writing in English on a daily basis. Speak in English with your friends and families. You will have a natural fluency after few days. Listen to English TV shows and watch English movies. The countries like Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Britain all have a different English accent. Try to listen and decipher the difference in accents. Read various English magazines and publications whenever possible and write letters, emails and notes in English to strengthen your language skills. This is the most effective way to improve your IELTS score.

However, if English is not an accepted mode of communication in your place, it will be difficult for you to develop this language skill. One of the alternatives in such a scenario can be to take the help of a teacher to learn the language better.

Understand the test format and rules

There are two versions of IELTS tests- IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. The listening and speaking sections are similar for both the formats. The differences lie in writing and reading part. Let’s see what each section of this test consists of:


The listening section has to be completed in 30 minutes. You will listen to monologues, recorded texts and conversations of different native speakers. A series of questions will be based on the same. These questions are designed to test whether you have understood the purposes of the speakers, followed their attitudes and opinions. You can hear each section only once.


This part consists of 40 questions. There will be a variety of questions to analyze your reading skills. You will be provided 60 minutes to complete the session. Within that time you have read for detail ideas, skimming or gist. Recognizing the writers’ purposes, opinions and attitudes will be your main look out.

For academic version
You will have to learn long texts that may be factual and descriptive. The texts are mostly extracted from the Journals, books, magazines and newspapers.

General training version

You will have to read extracts from magazines, books, advertisements, notices, newspapers, guidelines and company handbooks.


In the writing section of academic version you will be presented with charts, diagram, tables and graphs. You have to understand them and summarize the information in your own words. You may also be asked to explain data, different stages of a process or how something works. You may have to write an essay in response to that. While writing you have to follow a formal style.

The writing component of general training part will ask you to write a letter explaining a situation or requesting information. The letter can be written in personal, semi-formal or purely formal style. The essay can represent your point of view, put forward a problem or can be an argument.


This section judges your fluency while you are speaking. You will be asked some general questions then you will be given a topic on which you have to speak. In the next phase you will be provided few questions related to the topic. The entire conversation will be recorded.

Practise various sample questions

Before taking the IELTS exam, take various practise tests. Your speed and efficiency will improve as you will take more IELTS practice tests. However, to improve your skills you have to comprehend the mistakes and rectify them. Only experts can guide you in this matter. Seek assistance from the online professional to improve your English language proficiency. They will provide you important feedbacks and prepare you for the test.

While taking the test you need to be relaxed as far as possible. Get plenty of rests and ensure that you perform your best in the examination.

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