How to get a Perfect SAT Score

How to get a Perfect SAT Score

My friend, Joshua is losing sleep over his SAT preparations. He knows no play, nor any rest. You will find him pouring into piles of books, 24*7! Now, Joshua was an excellent student, throughout his school. And, had come out with flying colors in his boards exams. Here, I must confide in you a little secret: this teenaged guy hardly studied for more than four hours a day.

Yet, his grades were brilliant. Then, how come he was so anxious for the SAT? Simply because someone had managed to convince Joshua that SAT was intimidating. And that, one had to be glued to his books constantly while preparing for this “toughest exam”! How many of you feel this is the best way to achieve enviable scores in SAT?

No doubt, SAT is not a matter of joke. Your SAT scores decide which college is going to grant you admission. Taking the SAT test is important for another reason: it’s a golden opportunity to receive scholarships! But, what’s the most appropriate study technique to gear up for this exam? I bet, for some of you, it is, cramming up in the last minute.

But, hang on! Let me share a few tips which would really help you get a perfect SAT score:

  • Evaluate yourself: First of all, SAT aspirants must assess themselves by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. If you are weak in grammar or Math, make sure you devote extra time studying those subjects. It will reduce your stress considerably. You must also be aware about your favorite subject. I mean, the subject which always helps you score the maximum marks. Keep studying and revising it till you are confident of answering any question related to it.
  • Plan your studies: Planning is crucial to obtaining success in any field, you know. You can plan to study for at least two hours every evening as you prepare for SAT. Trust me, studying the entire night before your exam won’t help you at all. Because, research has proven that studying regularly for a particular time-frame helps you acquire more knowledge rather than short-duration learning sessions. Also, aim to finish a specific topic for every study session.
  • Appreciate yourself: We often forget to appreciate ourselves when we meet our goals. But, I would suggest you treat yourself whenever you finish learning a difficult lesson or topic. Go ahead and buy yourself an ice-cream. Or, watch your favorite TV show. You can also listen to your favorite songs, which you haven’t heard for quite some time. These little things really go a long way in motivating you to study hard for SAT.
  • Use study resources: Don’t forget to go through the essential books which help you prepare for SAT. Collect ‘The Official SAT Study Guide’ by the official makers of SAT. Many SAT aspirants also use the official ‘College Board’ SAT website. You will find numerous study tips, mock tests and model SAT questions in the website and also the SAT study guide. Visit your nearest library or a bookstore, to accumulate additional academic resources. They are immensely helpful.
  • Find a tutor: Finding a good tutor is another intelligent way to score high grades in the SAT exam. For, many of you might not be acquainted with the best study habits required to excel in this test. An experienced tutor can guide you in planning your study sessions, solving practise test papers and revising all your test subjects properly. Why not ask your school principal or friends to recommend some tutors who can help you study for SAT?
  • Read voraciously: You must be already knowing that reading boosts your knowledge to a large extent. So, keep reading newspapers, magazines, quality blogs on the Internet and even local and foreign news websites. Start with subjects which interest you. Then, read up things which might sound dull to you. And, try writing a short summary of what you learnt from it. It will enhance your analytic skills, power of concentration and close reading skills.
  • Manage your time: So, you have successfully prepared for SAT, and are about to start writing the paper. Remember that old advice teachers always gave us prior to exams? For those who don’t remember, the advice is: manage time effectively while appearing for tests. Wear a wrist-watch so that it’s easier to track the time you spend on each question. Also, try not to spend too much time on a particular question, or else you will fail to complete the rest of the paper.

Dear SAT aspirants, try these smart study strategies and watch your scores shoot up. Don’t worry, friends. You will certainly perform exceedingly well in SAT if you follow the techniques I mentioned above. You must be thinking, what if the SAT scores disappoint me, despite all the hard labor?

Well then, in that case, why not consider taking the test multiple times? I know a few people whose scores have improved with every test they took. Trust me, SAT is not as scary it might seem. So, proceed with the test preparations with an optimistic mind-set and emerge as the next SAT champion in your city!


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