How to Give Kids Good Hobbies

How to Give Kids Good Hobbies

Hobbies – pretty much everyone is expected to have one. Most people have fairly normal hobbies such as stamp collection or coin collection; others have fairly unique hobbies such as white water rafting or collecting nails! The point is everyone likes to have some activity that takes up their time and holds their interest.

Children are no different. In fact, thanks to their curiosity about the world around them and their energy levels, they are much more inclined to look for such activities. Witness little children thinking it’s cool to carry around worms or frogspawns in jars (yes, they still do it). It gives them something to do (dig in the mud) and show off (who doesn’t like a worm collection).

The great part about hobbies for children is that the right hobbies can help them learn and grow. Children learn to express their creativity, improve whatever skills they have at the time and have fun. These hobbies may hold their interest for a short period of time or they might turn into activities that the children enjoy for a lifetime. Pointing them in the right direction is what matters and here is how you can do it.

Understand Your Children

This is just plain and simple common sense. If you want your child to find an activity that interests him or her, it needs to hold his or her interest. An active child is not likely to want to sit in one place and read. Similarly, a child who is interested in more intellectual pursuits is may not find woodworking to his taste. The point is that to get them interested in a hobby, you need to figure out who they are and what they like. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to direct them towards one of many interesting hobbies that can help them pass their time and develop their skills. Here are some hobbies that your children might find interesting.


This may not be a hobby for everyone. Some children aren’t musically inclined and there is no point in forcing this down their throat. However, if your child enjoys music and has some musical talent, you can consider singing classes, teaching them how to play an instrument or even dance classes.

Since children have an unlimited thirst for knowledge and can learn and absorb a lot in their early years, starting them off on a musical instrument may not be a bad idea. Not only will this help them develop coordination and fine motor skills, but also give them a way to express themselves.

Dance works on the physical, mental and social levels. The kind of exercise and toning dance provides is as good as any workout. It helps build the child’s stamina, balance and coordination. It also teaches a child about discipline, teamwork and helps build self-confidence.


It isn’t one of the most active things a child can do, but there is no doubting the fact that reading is essential for all children, no matter their age. Figure out what interests your child and then give them a book about it. Not only does it open up whole new worlds for your child, but also helps develop their cognitive skills, creativity and imagination. Children learn more vocabulary and perform better in school than their peers who don’t read.

Stamp and Coin Collection

Also known as philately, stamp collection helps children improve their memory and associative skills. It doesn’t stop there. By collecting stamps from various countries, the children learn more about these countries such as where they’re located, how to get to them, their history and so on.

The same goes for coin collection, except that it also gives the children an idea of what money is used in different countries. They can learn about the designs on the coin and in the process, learn much more about the countries that the coins come from. This hobby again teaches them about the geography of a country as well as interesting trivia. The whole experience is educational for them.


Remember, don’t try to force whatever hobbies you think are good for your children on them. The whole point of a hobby is that they use it to relax, something that won’t happen if they aren’t happy doing it. Find out what their interests are and suggest activities in line with those interests.


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