How To Give The SAT Exam in Singapore

How To Give The SAT Exam in Singapore

Want to live the American dream of studying in the MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and other prestigious universities? The SAT exam can be your first step.

SAT Exam

About The Exam

The SAT is the entrance examination for all universities in the US. You can think of them as A level examinations.

You can apply for SAT over here.

When Should You Apply For The SAT?

You can take the exam anytime you want throughout the year. It’s recommended that you do so at least one to two years before applying to a university in the US.

The exam is offered at least seven times a year in the US and six times worldwide. It’s typically offered in October, November, December, January, March (Only in the US), May and June.

Where can you take the SAT exam in Singapore?

Name Of The Test Center

Test Center Address

Center Code

Anderson Jr Coll

4500, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 569843


Anglo-Chinese Junior College

25 Dover Close East 139745


Canadian Intl Sch

7 Jurong West Street 41 649414


Furen International School

345 Old Nelson Road 758692


Hillside World Academy

11 Hillside Drive 545926


Hwa Chong Inst Coll

661 Bukit Timah Rd 269734


Hwa Chong Intl Sch

663 Bukit Timah Road 269783


Nps International Sch

10 + 12 Chai Chee Lane 469021


Stamford American Intl Sch

1 Woodleigh Lane 347691


Components of the SAT exam

The SAT exam typically comes with 5 different components:

  • Reading Test

  • Writing and Language Test

  • Math Test

  • SAT Essay

  • Key Content Changes

The SAT Reading Test

SAT Reading Test

This exam includes:

  • A text from a classic or contemporary US or world literature.

  • A text or a pair of texts from a U.S. founding document.

  • Two passages based on science examining basic concepts and developments in biology, physics, or chemistry.

  • A selection from psychology, sociology, or some other social science.

When you will be taking the reading test, you will read passages and interpret informational pictures. You will then use them to answer questions.

Language and Writing Test

In this section, you may have to scrutinize a sentence to answer some questions. Others may require reading an essay or interpreting a graphic.

For example,

You may have to choose a sentence correcting the misunderstanding of a scientific chart or a fact depending on the type of the question.

And as far as the writing part is concerned, you will be given passages to improve related to history, careers, humanities, science, and social studies.

Math Test

Math Test

The Math exam will focus on three major areas namely:

  • Algebra – including the likes of linear equations and systems.

  • Problem solving and data analysis.

  • Advanced Mathematics – may feature questions requiring the manipulation of complex equations.


This is possibly the hardest part of the SAT examination.

In this section, you will have to:

  • Read a passage,

  • Explain the way the author builds up an argument to persuade the audience.

  • Give your explanatory support with proper evidence from the passage.

You must:

  • Write for a broad audience.

  • Argue to a point.

  • Use evidence and logical reasoning to support your claims.

  • Express intricate views on complicated subjects.

  • Examine debates, ideas, and trends in science and rts.

Preparation Tips

Preparation Tips

  1. Do lots and lots of practice tests. This doesn’t just help in building your test-taking endurance, but also helps in dealing with text exhaustion and pacing yourself according to the clock.

  2. Understand the format of the test.

  3. Practice reading articles on foreign subjects as a part of your revision.

  4. Improve your vocabulary.

  5. Do practice essays.

  6. Make those flashcards for formulas so you can remember them all.

  7. And finally, understand how to turn MCQs to your advantage.

So that more or less sums up this post. To take a closer look at this examination, refer to our next article.


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