How to make your Lectures more Innovative?

How to make your Lectures more Innovative?


Nobody likes to attend lectures that sound boring and more so in the case of academics. As a school-goer, Biology and English were my favorite subjects. The reason behind it was the interesting manner in which the teachers imparted these lessons. In fact, even the average performers in the class participated whole-heartedly during the Biology and English sessions at school.

Learning would become even more interactive, only if teachers can make their lectures more student-friendly. It encourages pupils to pay attention in the classroom. In addition, it also enables students to score well in their exams, since a major part of their lessons is already learnt in the classroom.

When you customize your lessons as per the requirements of your students, they are more eager to attend your lectures, be it at schools or colleges. Subjects like History, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and a few others require careful explanation and demonstration of experiments. If your lectures are captivating enough, students would love the process of learning! So let us read about some of the ways in which you can make your lectures more innovative:

  • Attract attention: The first step to making your lectures interesting is to get your students to listen to you. You must know how to use keywords that attract the attention of students and compel them to concentrate in your class. Start with something humorous that helps them get ready to start learning a new chapter. It goes a long way towards engaging students.
  • Organize your information: Good organizing skills are essential for educators as much as it is crucial for students. Start with making a list of the ideas you are going to discuss in your lectures. Then, organize your notes and other academic articles that you would require while delivering the lecture. You can also review all the materials once before you finally visit your classroom.
  • Be energetic: Students tend to fall asleep when they hear a monotonous voice going on and on with the lectures. So try to change the tone of your voice and watch your lessons come alive! Being energetic is one of the best tips to be a successful teacher. Another thing you must bear in mind is that you must always maintain eye contact with your students.
  • Customize lectures: The understanding level is not the same for every student. Therefore, teachers must ensure that their lectures are customized for every kind of learner. For instance, visual learners can be motivated by making arrangements to show them educational videos on YouTube. On the other hand, teachers can help kinesthetic pupils with the help of models or artefacts.
  • Use technology: Generation-Y is lucky enough to be blessed with the latest by products of technology. Introducing technology in classrooms can make your lectures all the more entertaining for your students. Why not use iPads or laptops as you are explaining certain chapters? Students can relate to your lessons more if you do so and can learn lessons faster at the same time.
  • Ask for feedback: Asking for your students’ feedback is a good idea to know if they are enjoying your lectures. Make sure that every student gives an honest opinion about how they feel about your explanations. This helps you identify the areas you must improve upon, in order to engage your students. After giving your lecture, you can also ask your students what they have understood from it.
  • Make it lively: Make your lectures livelier with the aid of interesting illustrations, graphs, charts or photographs. A smart way to do it is to organize a classroom quiz. Include all the questions that are based on the ideas you just explained to your students during your lectures. This way you would get to know if your pupils have actually grasped the information you have passed on to them.

I hope these tips have assisted you in designing your lectures in a way that is quite convenient for students. Motivate your students to learn in a much easier way by making your lectures more interactive. I am sure your students would crave to attend your classes if you are able to do this! Hope you have a great time during your classroom lectures!


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