How to Memorize Math and Physics formulas [Infographic]

How to Memorize Math and Physics formulas [Infographic]

Understanding and memorizing physics and math formulas can be a tricky enough process for you, but with the following tips and tricks provided in this article, we are sure you will be able to do it in no time. Have a look.

1. Using flashcards

Remember these little beauties? Yes; these are the same cards you used in school to write down the tricky formulas and paste them on to your study wall.

They are still in fashion today and can do the job effectively well. Use them to your advantage.

Note: You may also use digital flashcards for formula memorizations. Plenty of apps are available in the market that can come in handy for this purpose of yours.

2. Do not rote-learn formulas

Do not just mug up a bunch of formulas without understanding the underlying meaning behind. This technique isn’t going to work in the long run because sooner or later, you are going to forget them all.

3. Keep on practicing formulas

Okay, here’s the thumb rule for you:

The more you practice formulas (and the numerical problems associated with them), the more likely you are to remember them in the long term.

4. The magic of mnemonics

Certain physics and maths formulas have mnemonic devices attached to them that you can use to memorize them at a moment’s notice. Use them to your benefits; they DO work.

Note: If you aren’t aware of the associated mnemonic devices, Google may benefit you tremendously. The infographic* provided below should also clear a few things up.

5. Board games and apps

Certain apps and board games can also help you in the long term memorization of math and physics formulae. Here’s one for your reference:

Math Games Formulas [Free Android app; available on Google Play].


A few notable mentions:

  • While learning formulas, try to create a rhythmic pattern of your own. This can help in quicker memorization and longer retention of information.

  • If no conventional mnemonic devices are available on the internet, create one of your own. Remember, it doesn’t matter how you do as long as you do.

  • Sleep well before the day of your examination. A simple practice like this will help you remember all the formulas you have studied during the day of your examination.

So that’s basically. It’s time we bring this to an end for now. Hope you had a nice read.


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