How to Motivate Yourself to Study Harder?

How to Motivate Yourself to Study Harder?


In the year 1880, a deaf and blind girl was born in Alabama, United States. Her world was engulfed in darkness ever since she was a tender toddler of nineteen months. Naturally, this visual and auditory impairment made education a constant struggle for her. But, she was determined to overcome all the barriers which threatened to part her from success. And, at the age of 24, went on to become the first deaf and blind person to receive a degree in Bachelors of Arts.

Can you guess who she was? For those of you who failed to make the right guess, well, the lady is none other than Helen Keller! Just imagine her level of self-motivation and commitment. Fates had denied her vision, as well as auditory power. Yet, she was persistent in her efforts to learn. This reminds me of the famous words of Paulo Coelho, who had once stated that people are actually capable of doing something, about which they have dreamt.

Helen Keller was handicapped, but we are fortunate enough to be blessed with perfect sense organs my friends. So why can’t we motivate ourselves to study harder, and ascend the stairs of success? Trust me guys, it is possible to be your own inspiration. Follow my tips to know how you can do that:

Set your goals: First of all, ask yourself, ‘What is my study goal for today?’ If you are weak in Math, make a goal of completing an exercise in Calculus. Or, ensure that you finish off a lesson in quadratic equations. It would make you satisfied and lend you more confidence in the subject. While you are at it, visualize what you would gain by studying hard. Think about high scores in your Math exam, or the little gift from your parents for your good performance in exams.

Arrange your space: Now you must arrange your study space. I would suggest you choose a room in your home with the least noise, like your in-house library (if you’re lucky to have one!). Paper, pencils, textbooks, pens, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, highlighters, etc. should be organized neatly in this area. Don’t distract yourself during own study session for fetching these objects. Also, make it a point to keep a bottle of water, fruits or peanuts to hydrate and energize yourself. Say no to temptations like pizza or burgers.

Eliminate distractions: When you’re trying to concentrate in your lessons, the last thing you want is distraction. So shield your study space from it. Wear comfortable clothes and tie your hair back to prevent it from falling into your eyes. Then, keep your cell-phones on silent mode. You can even switch it off or shove it somewhere else, to restrain yourself from checking your messages or calls. Now, turn your laptop off if you don’t need it for studies. If you do need it, deactivate the Internet temporarily.

Plan your lessons: You must prepare your daily study schedule, just like your school time-table. This makes sure you don’t miss out any subject. Proper planning also helps you prepare well for exams. And, never leave any challenging topic for the last moment. Let’s be frank. It is humanly impossible to cram up a lengthy History chapter just the day before your final exam, or memorize Math formulas on the eve of your Math exam. So stop postponing your lessons for the last minute. Learn in advance.

Reward yourself: I know it is tough, but self-appreciation forms a significant part of self-motivation! So, don’t forget to reward yourself when you meet your study goals. For instance, you can treat yourself your favorite ice-cream when you are done with a Math chapter, or balancing some complex chemical equations. Or, grab a granola bar when you accomplish your goal of completing your sample test papers. You can even listen to some songs which turn you on. This encourages you to study harder and accomplish your aims.

Start studying: There! I already caught you drawing a deep breath, friends. For some of you, I bet this is the toughest part. But, have you heard of the quote, “the secret of going ahead is getting started?” If you feel your study goals are overburdening you, why not revise your study plan? Go through your study chart and mark the areas which you might not be able to complete during a day. Divide your lessons into small chunks and organize your study techniques in a way which makes you comfortable.

•Knowledge is power. And as students, you must not only aim for excellent scores in your exams, but also accumulate an abundance of the wealth of knowledge. I hope my tips would help you motivate yourself to study harder. But, if you are still not convinced, read up some inspirational quotes on motivation. You can look up websites or even read an interesting book of your favorite self-help author to seek such enlightening quotations from impressive personalities. Remember, it’s you who must be driven towards identifying the best methods for studying. So, it is high time you check your tendency to procrastinate and transform your goals into reality!


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