How to Overcome Exam Phobia?

How to Overcome Exam Phobia?

How often have you felt butterflies in your stomach just before you are about to appear for an exam? I know most of you get sweaty palms since the night before your exams and lose sleep over your exam preparation. When I was a high schooler, I used to notice how some of my friends fell ill when their exams were just a week away! In short, no student is a stranger to exam-related stress that affects most learners.

What is Exam Phobia?

There is a certain kind of anxiety associated with exams that is impossible to go unnoticed even among outstanding students. However, it generally happens when you are not well-prepared to answer questions that might appear in your question paper. A strange feeling of nervousness grips you and soon you start wondering if you wouldclear your exam successfully. Such an anxiety before the exams is referred to as ‘exam phobia’.

Such a strong fear of exams can prove to be harmful for you, in terms of your academics as well as your health. It might hamper your memory and prevent you from recalling important answers in your exam hall. Let us now understand how to overcome exam phobia:

#1. Plan your Lessons

First of all, you must plan your studies properly. Make a daily routine and try to stick to it. This way none of the subjects are ignored and so it is considered one of the best methods to study for an exam. Another important thing you must remember while studying is the location of your study-desk. Choose a spot with the minimum amount of distraction.

#2. Manage Time Effectively

Good students are the best time managers. They make it a point to study all their topics, yet they always have enough time at their hands. They don’t wait for the last minute to learn their formulas or important notes. Instead, they revise their lessons on the very day that they had been taught to them in school, once they return home and are never late for their classes.

#3. Prepare Well

Next, you must be really well-prepared for all your exams. Start with the textbook and proceed by solving the questions at the back of every chapter. Take the help of reference books and look up websites for preparing your notes. In addition, start preparing for your exams well in advance, at least three months before your exams are announced. It gives you ample time to prepare well.

#4. Practice Mock Tests

The more you practice, the more chances you have to score the highest grades in exams. So once you have learnt about your topics in your curriculum, start solving sample test papers. If you are about to appear for your board exams, collect the last ten years’ question papers of board exams and try to practice writing their answers. You can also use the Internet to solve online tests.

#5. Be Positive

No matter you well you prepare for your exams, it is your attitude that determines your performance. I have seen some students reading their study materials till the last moment before their exams. But, you must remember that excessive cramming sessions are not helpful at all. Rather, staying calm with a positive attitude would enable you to remember everything you study during your exams.

#6. Watch your Diet

Follow a lighter diet on the days you have exams. You must choose to have food that is not too hard for you to digest. On the other hand, if you go for a heavy diet, you might feel somewhat drowsy during your exams. So it is a wise idea to avoid all kinds of junk food when your exams are approaching.

#7. Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that the human brain wouldn’t be able to work properly if it is deprived of an adequate amount of sleep? So never plan to study for your exams throughout the night, especially the night before your exam. Research has proven that at least eight hours of sleep is necessary for your brain to be completely relaxed. Moreover, you must also invest your time in physical exercise to ensure that you remain fit and healthy during your exams!

Exam phobia is something that is experienced by a large number of students. But, if you follow the tips I have mentioned then I am certain you can get rid of it in no time. You must also avoid certain study habits that adversely affect your productivity. Here is hoping you crack your exams with brilliant grades and overcome all kinds of fear associated with exams!


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