How to Pack the Schoolbag Right

How to Pack the Schoolbag Right

Life is a constant struggle and management of a lot of issues and problems, but the earliest learning that we generally experience in life is perhaps the right way to pack a school bag. It develops our first life skill to understand our basic necessity. Packing a school bag can hardly be called a struggle, but packing it with precision at different stages of our lives do reflect our proper understanding of our requirements.

We start with choosing the right backpack for ourselves. As a parent, we often notice that our children get carried away by trends, peer pressure, or mesmerised by certain cartoon or fictional characters which they might like to own, but do those bags solve the purpose?

It is always important to teach our children to think rationally with objectivity and make sure our needs are catered first. A good schoolbag must have an ergonomic design which has optimal space to fit in the books that you or your child might need to carry. It should fit in the lunchboxes, the geometry boxes, the calculators, the water bottles and other important necessities like rain coat or an umbrella. The design colour should be happy and positive and give a sense of warmth.

While packing a school bag, you must keep in mind to check your routine thoroughly. Over packing or under packing, neither is good. Ask your children to be attentive towards their requirements. It is important to recollect what they are supposed to do the next day. Sometimes verbal instructions given by teachers can go amiss. Ponder about the activities for the next day. Do not over pack with unnecessary copies and exercise books which are not needed. Do not carry in doubles with the fear of losing. Be confident of your requirements. Do not carry textbooks which are completely exhausted.

Check your stationery, refill your pens and sharpen your pencils. Carry adequate amount of pen and pencils that might be needed for the next day. Carrying extra pen and pencils are logical in case of breakage. Make sure geometry boxes have all the equipment. In case of drawing classes carry proper colours.

When you start arranging the books in the bag, you can arrange them size wise, so that all the files, books and copies are in alignment and you can check them from top and pick them accordingly. In case all books are covered with brown paper and it is difficult to understand which one is what, try to rearrange the books according to routines, from the first to the last and after every class, keep the books and copies of that class at the very end. So every time there is a new class the respective copies and books will be in front.

Chose a bag that have multiple sections, so that the copies, pencil boxes and lunch boxes do not get messed up. Keep every item separate and keep space in between. Make sure the bags are clean before packing and all copies and covered properly. It is important not to pack things which are forbidden and shows you in a bad light. Carrying a forbidden item is not only against rule and discipline it might get into trouble. No amount of dare or show off is important enough to break rules. If you are a parent make sure to surprise check your children’s packing every now and then, they will understand the importance of following rules.


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