How to Prepare for ESOL to Score High Marks

How to Prepare for ESOL to Score High Marks

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a staple test of the Cambridge University of the United Kingdom.  The University has created a number of tests for all purposes — from student visas to business to teacher education.

The ESOL Tests also gauge a user’s performance with English as a second language. This test is taken by more than 3 million people every year. While students might find the test a bit difficult at times, following a few tips can be of great help. Some of these tips are mentioned below.

Learn the Type of Test that One is Going to TakeThere are multiple types of ESOL Tests. While some of these are designed for students, teachers of English language also take a few of these tests. First decide, which type of test you are going to take and then prepare accordingly.

Read a Lot of English Storybooks, Magazines and so onNo matter which ESOL test you are taking, you should work hard to improve your English skills to perform well in it. Reading good English books, magazines or online blogs will all be helpful in this process.

If Needed, Join a Good English Coaching Class or Hire a Private Tutor: English coaching classes and private tutors help a lot to improve one’s English abilities. If you need extra help, do not hesitate to employ a private tutor or join English coaching centers.

Know the Exam Dates, and Set a Timeline for Studying: The Cambridge website clearly sets out the examination dates. You need to know when your particular ESOL examination is scheduled, so that you can start preparing well in advance.

Study throughout the Year and Not Only before the Exams: This may seem obvious, but this is something students often neglect to do. They neglect their studies throughout the year, and feel that working hard before the exams is all that it requires to get good marks. This view is erroneous. Students who work hard throughout the year have a far higher chance of doing well in their examinations and securing good marks. It is also important to keep in touch with books and studies in the holidays and vacations. You do not need to devote all the time in your holidays to studying, but just a few hours each day will be sufficient.

Try to Study with Some Friends: Studying with a friend or in a group might help to relieve tension and boredom. Friends can also help to clarify each other’s’ doubts.

Eat Nutritious Food and Get Enough Sleep, Especially on the Night before the Examination: It is extremely important to have a well balanced meal, especially before the examinations. While it is natural to be nervous, you should try to get adequate rest and sleep before the examinations.

Use ESOL Online Practice Tests: There are multiple ESOL practice tests online. Practicing these mock tests will help you prepare for the real one. It will familiarize you with the test format. Once you are familiar with it, you will be able to focus on improving your English. This will also improve your speed, help you identify areas you are weak at and where you need extra help or practice and so on.

Use the Online ESOL Preparation Courses: There are a number of Cambridge ESOL course materials, which are available online. While some of the materials are a little expensive, they are still some of the very best guides for ESOL. Thus, you should use as many of these ESOL preparation courses as possible, provided you can afford them.

Take Help of the TOP TIPS Series of Books: There are a series of booklets known as the “Top Ten” series. These are very economical and of a great help in the process of preparing for ESOL.

Expose Yourself to English as much as Possible in Real Life: Online preparation is all very useful, but nothing beats real life preparation and acclimatization with English. Thus, any aspiring ESOL Test taker should spend as much time as possible learning more English in real life. Read English newspapers, communicate in English with others, especially with those who have a good working knowledge of English, watch English movies, listen to English radio broadcasts-all these will prove invaluable in improving your English, which will help you ultimately get better marks in ESOL.


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