How to Prepare for Stepping into the Top Business School?

How to Prepare for Stepping into the Top Business School?



Students all over the world mostly sought for degrees in business and management after their graduation. Hong Kong is also not an exception. The prosperous economic environment of Hong Kong attracts organisations from all over the world. The significant part of the economy is that it is always growing. Having a management degree in Hong Kong will provide candidates an advantage in their career. Located at the heart of the Asia Pacific business environment, there are several jobs for management students.

Following the demand for knowledgeable managers in the job market, many business schools administration have sprouted throughout Hong Kong. However, earning a degree from the top ranking business schools either in your country or from abroad can improve your career prospect. From the management courses, the students can learn how the organisations operate- what are their works, their style of management and strategies of business. There are various types of courses with specialisation on a course. The emphasis is on finance, human resource or marketing management.Along with understanding how businesses operate, a graduate in business management will have the knowledge of market, management of people, information system, finance, operations, strategy and policy. Is this just a trend to avail a degree in business management and the students are participating in the study programmes blindly? Skilled managers are imperative for the businesses and the organisations cannot function without them. Therefore, there will always be demand for skilled managers.First of all you will need to know what are exactly required to enter in an established business school.

How to apply for an MBA course in Hong Kong?

The top business schools of Hong Kong usually select students based on their potentials. They seek for:

  • Graduation degree
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts from the universities and colleges you attended
  • GMAT or GRE score

Appearing in GMAT

The score of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the standard for admission used by many business schools around the globe. GMAT is designed to examine your overall academic abilities. There are sections to test your mathematical, writing and verbal proficiency. The scores of all the sections are aggregated to form the final score. Therefore, putting emphasis on a single section and neglecting the other will not be effective to score the best marks. 

GMAT is tough and it is normal if you are getting nervous taking the exam. If you are willing to appear in the test, plan for it in advance and follow a strict regimen to get the best score in GMAT. Preparation and hard work will boost up your confidence and will definitely let you achieve the set goal. There are following steps that will help you to plan a course to secure the best marks in GMAT

When to start the planning for a business management programme?

You should start planning 1-2 years ahead. Check the admission deadlines for various business schools. If you have plans to invest in a business management career, study the market conditions to know the occupations that are on the top of the list and decide on your specialisation accordingly.

How to prepare for the GMAT exam?

A GMAT handbook is available online. You can download that and study everything that you need to know about the examination. Get familiarise with the test structure, format and question types. You have to remember the deadlines for registering in various business schools along with your GMAT preparations. If you register for the GMAT in advance of the business schools’ application deadlines, you will have a greater number of choices of available dates for taking the GMAT examination.

Take several practice exams and record how you fair in the examination. Identify the areas where you need to improve. If you have any queries take assistance of the online tutors. A trusted online portal may help you to prepare for the GMAT exam. You may take practice tests online and consult with the tutors to strengthen your drawbacks. However, you have to study hard along with it.

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Design a plan that works well with your lifestyle and ultimately helps you to become comfortable with test questions, pace and timing. If you are able to create a replica of GMAT testing environment while taking the practice tests your morale will improve incredibly.

You can ace the career goal studying hard and practicing repeatedly. 


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