How to Teach Kids to Love Learning

How to Teach Kids to Love Learning

I know how it feels when your child runs away from the sight of books and doesn’t show interest in going to school. I know it is exhausting running after them to catch them to make them sit in front of the book. Are you facing the same thing? I know every parent does experience it. Even my parents did when I was very young. I used to hide away from them after hearing the words “school” and “books”. It is funny to think of it now but now, we face the same thing. Let me put this issue away for a while. Let’s understand why kids run away. They run away because they don’t enjoy and love the process of learning. They find it boring and not interesting, but there a few ways by which we can make them love learning. We need to alter the way we teach them a little bit to make them love learning. We require to think through the way of a kid does to know why they find it boring.

How do we teach them presently? We call them and read the books to them. We make them repeat whatever we say and make them write it. To put in simple words, we keep doing the same things on a daily basis and there is nothing new in the results we see. Just imagine we ask you to eat the same food each and every day as well as expect you do it willingly. You will say it is not fair and boring and you would want to skip your food as well. That is exactly what happens to the kids. They are young and their mind needs to be creative. Their mind is full of curiosity and they want it to be fun. I would like to share with you a few ways to teach kids how to love the process of learning.

Add ‘Fun’ Element into Learning Process

You can be creative and add fun element to the learning process. You can make learning just like playing a game. You can be innovative and teach them in a way that is more enjoyable. You can also teach them through painting or drawing. You can present the new learning concepts in an interesting way so that they don’t forget it easily.

Change the Roles and let them Teach you what you have already Taught them

Kids love to act as teachers so ask them to teach you what you have already taught them. In this way, they will tell you exactly what they have understood and in this way, you can revise everything. You will know the areas where you need to work more. If the students are elder then ask them to make presentations and explain it to everyone.

Storytelling for Learning

You can teach them through storytelling or by sharing stories related to what you want to teach them. Make the story interesting and use gestures and facial expressions while narrating stories. Use your imagination to narrate stories. In free time, ask them to tell you their own stories.

Involve them and let them Participate

Discuss new stuff and involve them. Ask them to participate in class activities. Ask them to draw and write new things in front of everyone. Try to involve them as much as you can.

Take them out in the Lawn or Garden or Field Trip

You can take the students outside and teach them. You can also show them interesting and new stuff to grab their attention towards you and whatever you are teaching them.

Give them Rewards as Motivation them to do Good things

Give them amazing and wonderful rewards and motivate them to do good things to encourage good behavior.

Play Games with them once in a while

You should also play games with them once in a while to strengthen bonds with them. To make them know that you are a fun person and it is fun to be with you. It will help you mix up with them.

Use Colorful Crayons or Chalks or Pens

Using colorful crayons, chalks and pens will make everything look colorful and creative. The student will like to see what you write on the blackboard and their own notebooks.

These are a few ways to make children love learning and I hope you like it. Applying these things we will be a wonderful experience for you too.


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