How to Upgrade the Library System to Interest Digital Age Students

How to Upgrade the Library System to Interest Digital Age Students

As the technology continues to expand across world, more and more digitalization is causing people to lose interest towards libraries. Few years back, a library was considered as a prestigious place where people, especially teenagers would go and read or purchase various types of books and magazines. Also, libraries were frequently visited by students in schools and colleges where they would read and research about the subjects they were interested in. But students’ interest in visiting libraries in school and spending time there has evaporated due to the rapid rise of internet and technology. Hence there is a dire need that library systems should be upgraded and should function according to today’s trends in order to attract more and more people.

How to upgrade Library System to Internet Digital Age Students

It is extremely important for libraries and its management to develop systems that are user friendly, easily approachable and developed with advanced technology. You can make apps for the school and college library where you can get the list of books according to your interest, check which books are recently updated and which are new interesting books. They can also develop new software which can track the purchasing and reading record of each and every student. By doing so, the problem of losing or misplacing books will be solved. Students can also purchase books from the library online and via apps. This will make easier for them as compared to going to the library and completing the formalities.

Software must be developed which allows librarian to generate digital lists, which can include physical resources as well as digital. A librarian must be well versed with new technology and should have access to all the latest digital gadgets, as it is the librarian who looks after all the activities. If possible the school management should also make a separate department which looks after all the digital or internet aspects of the library. Students should be allowed to create their own research lists or playlists and store them on their accounts on the particular library website or app. This will help students to access the particular book they are studying or the book they want to read.

Web-based content and electronic media has changed the dynamics in which library operate and manage their work. The whole atmosphere and functioning or libraries have changed. Once a library was a hushed center of books and tables, today the atmosphere is much different. 86% of libraries offer wireless internet services and most of the libraries also offer computers for visitors encouraging study, collaboration and research. There sections made in the library where students can work or research on computers and on internet. In addition, libraries also offer online access to digitized archives, circulate e-books, music, videos, and audio books.

Why it is important for a library to change with time

It is very difficult for libraries to exist in this modern digitalized world where all the information, books, novels are available online. So to compete with this technology and internet, a library has to invent new kinds of innovations: like making their own websites, decrease the cost of books, provide a perfect ambience for reading in the library, and introduce research sections where computers should be provided. The process of purchasing books in libraries of schools and collegess hould be made very simple and students should be always encouraged and motivated to use their library.

Although internet provides all the information but a library has its own place in the life of a student. A library provides the perfect environment for reading and studying. Schools and colleges should try to create a perfect balance between the library and the internet or technology. 


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