How to Use Pinterest for Education

How to Use Pinterest for Education

Does Pinterest make up for about a quarter of your internet time? Doesn't the vibrant pins fill your head with buzzing ideas to create the next big thing? Then you are hooked on to to Pinterest for good.Pinterest opened its doors to the public in March 2010 and Pinterest users grew by 4377% from March 2011 to March 2012. Half of that figure undoubtedly comprise students who went in to explore this new arena and turned Pinterest fanatics. Can you imagine channeling that enthusiasm into education? Now we are starting to warm up to the topic.

How Pinterest works?

Have you played darts? Pinterest is a bit like that. The dartboard is the virtual bulletin board where you pin images and videos from around the web. You can arrange the images into different categories and share the pins with other users. This makes Pinterest a great tool for creative learning.

How Pinterest can be used for education

I will start with an example. When my friend adopted a German Shepherd, he was short of cash to buy a bed for Scooby (that's what he named him). Then I found a few great ideas on Pinterest to make a nice bed in easy steps. Out came the cloth and the needles and with those, my mom's stitching wonders. And the end result was a modest-looking, soft bed which Scooby loved sleeping in.The point here is, when an average Pinterest user spends almost 98 minutes per month on the site, how about throwing in a bit of education to utilize the time well?

Creating lesson plans and events

Pinterest is an incredible visual resource for curating lesson contents and ideas to make learning fun and interesting.

  • Teachers can search for pins with a specific theme or subject like 'Periodic Table'.
  • Clicking on the pins will unravel the original source of the pins, which would unfold more information on the topic.
  • Teachers can pin lesson plans that they stumble across in the web for a later date.
  • While planning on events, teachers can pin ideas that can be executed on that day.
  • Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for amazing Science experiments with hands-on activities.


Do you find yourself jotting down ideas while surfing the internet and then forgetting about them? Pinterest can help you save your ideas in one place, keep them organized and make it easy for you to find those when you need them. First of all, you need to understand how to pin images or videos.

  • Once you have registered in Pinterest, look for the Pinterest bookmarklet and drag it to your toolbar.
  • When you come across an image or video that you would want to add to your Pinterest board, click on the 'Pin It' bookmarlet and pin the image or video on your Pinterest board.
  • Since you can create as many boards as you want, you can devote each board to a separate topic or subject, or in however way it suits you.
  • Name your boards, write up a good description for it and arrange your pins in the boards accordingly and there you have it! All your pins organized in neatly for you to find them easily.

Sharing resources

With numerous information sources on the web creating a distraction for students, Pinterest boards can be used to provide a structured list of educational resources.

  • Teachers can select a certain topic and create a board to pin all the necessary information that students need to learn that topic. This way, students would be saved the trouble of going through piles of virtual information and would not have to worry to unreliable sources dotting the internet.
  • Students can display their work on the boards, which would provide an easy access for the teachers to go through their activities.
  • Pinterest can be used to create something like the campus news board. Teachers can create a board, post information and open the board to students, parents and other teachers to share curriculum contents, teaching ideas, assignments and more.
  • Students and teachers can connect with fellow students and teachers of the other classes, universities, homeschools and more.

A little example might interest you: One assistant designer professor at Missouri pins examples of well-designed packaging, fonts, posters, infographic and more.

Using Pinterest for group work

Pinterest is a great way to collaborate and make group work fun and creative.

  • Students can create a separate board and pin ideas for project work to it. This way they can create a creative group collage.
  • Teachers can visit the board and leave their comments and feedback on the resources put together.
  • While writing out an essay for the summer assignment, students can create a separate board to pin the resources that they employed to write it.
  • A photo journal seems like an amazing idea for a documentary. Pinterest can make it more appealing.

Why don't you try out the activities to see for yourself how amazing Pinterest makes the most boring stuff, the hero of the day. Have fun pinning!


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