How Twitter helps Students to Research?

How Twitter helps Students to Research?

Have you ever wondered why academics turn out to be really monotonous at times? Why do some scientific experiments seem so drab? Or, Geography chapters a bit boring? And, of course, Chemistry lessons so scary? I bet seven out of every ten students have undergone such ‘academic stress’ at some point of time. Ask any school student, or even a college goer if he enjoys studying. Unless he is a class topper, chances are he would openly confess about his aversion to the books in his syllabus!As a child, I often asked myself, why can’t studies be a bit more interesting and inspiring? I noticed how some of my friends dozed off during the history classes in school. Or, failed to take down notes as the teacher dictated the interpretation of a complex dialogue in Julius Caesar. Some others found it tough to collect reference study materials and thus fared poorly in exams.I personally feel studies need not be so traditional anymore, for we boast of living in the twenty-first century – the age of technological advancement and scientific progress. Therefore, it is high time teachers start employing social media as an integral part of education. And, speaking of social media, Twitter is amongst the best online resources which can be used as a modern-day learning tool. Especially for the purpose of research.Let us see how Twitter can help students do a better research, in the following paragraphs:

  • Keeps you updated: Student-life is a hectic one. You are overloaded with assignments, projects and exam preparations when you’re a student. So you don’t have time to check each and every tweet seeking updates for your topics. A tool called ‘Twilert’ automatically sends alert messages to students to inform them when the keywords searched by them has been mentioned in this platform. You will be directly lead to the particular tweet. This will save you time which would be otherwise be spent in looking up several tweets to find that one tweet relevant to your keyword.
  • Hold live chat: Twitter permits you to engage in an instant chat with people from various corners of the globe. Just add a hashtag (#) symbol before your keyword, in the Twitter search bar, and click on ‘search’. Within seconds, you will be shown numerable tweets which speak about your subject. Now, you can collect the information from each tweet, which can be used later for your school or college project. You can advertise the time and date of a specific Twitter chat a few days in advance, to draw a wider audience and better response.
  • Create poll: When you are doing a research, you require the latest statistics associated to your topic, to substantiate your statements. But, you might find that obtaining it might be tough because most of the people involved in generating the data are your friends and acquaintances. So, naturally you need a more diverse audience for your research who can help you produce authentic statistical results. Why not use the ‘Poll Everywhere’ tool? It transforms the tweets of your followers into poll responses. Just enter a question in a tweet and wait for the tool to respond.
  • Take interviews: Is it possible for ordinary students to take interviews of famous personalities or academics? No. However, you can conduct interviews with renowned people through Twitter! And, receive direct response to your questions. Try it out today, dear students. Keep tweeting questions on your subject to a few experts. You will certainly get replies from at least two of them which you can utilize in your research or project assignment. Therefore Twitter simplifies your research to a great extent, as you can take interviews without spending time or money.
  • Ask experts: Students can follow Twitter accounts of New Scientist or National Geographic, to keep yourself updated with the latest information on a variety of topics regularly. Follow scientists and other famous people who are a storehouse of knowledge. This way, you can have many of your questions answered. And that too, in a short time. Just imagine how much time would be wasted if you try to purchase books to learn more about your project or research topic. I know many experts would take time to reply, but then there might be others who might be replying instantly to your tweets.

Now, do you see how Twitter can help in education in amazing ways? You will enjoy your research tremendously if you know how to leverage this great social platform to your advantage, friends.


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