Importance for tutors to improve their skills

Importance for tutors to improve their skills

Being a good tutor takes relevant education, experience and training to ensure that students are able to solve their problems. The tutors should have good teaching ability as it needs to teach students which needs extra help. A good tutor should constantly look to upgrade it skills and improve its teaching methods. As the time passes by more and more teaching methods are evolved and new ways of teaching are introduced. So one needs to upgrade its skills to stay with the world.

With the technology rising to new heights it is important for tutors to take advantage of these latest technologies. For example most of the subjects are now taught on E-board using pictures, power points and huge number of videos. Gone are the days of using black board, chalk and duster. Tutors should try to prepare interesting presentation which will help their students to understand the concept in a much better way. They should also learn about preparing online tests as most of the entrance exams and foreign universities test are online based tests. Tutors can also e-mail the results, curriculum and the test records to the parents which will ensure that correct information has been passed to the parents. Technology is a great boon in all aspects of teaching and especially for tutors.

As the years pass by, the curriculum or portion increases day by day and the difficultly level of the portion is getting extremely tough. Hence the tutors require to upgrade their skills and learn short methods in which this vast portion can be completed. You should increase your knowledge of that particular subject you are teaching, improve your vocabulary and writing skills. Obviously the goal of the tutor would be that it's students gain maximum number of marks but it should ensure that students are not taught by the method of rote learning. Students should be quite clear regarding the concepts. There is also very little time to complete the vast portion and hence a tutor also needs to learn the skills of time management.

Qualities of a Good Tutor

  • A tutor is successful when it has complete knowledge of the subject it teaches. A parent will accept from the tutor to provide complete and clear picture of how to understand a concept and what are the efforts required.

  • Professionalism is the most important part of a teacher’s career. The time punctuality and good attendance will provide a good impression on the students and will help them to study well.

  • A tutor should be street smart. It needs to have knowledge about how to solve different type of question papers, shortcut methods for many concepts, knowledge about which part or questions are important from the text book.

  • The tutor should be patient and not short tempered as it would pressurise the students. It should know how to handle different type of students and understand their problems.

Why students join private tutors

Today most of the students go to private tutors. It is mainly due to the extremely vast portion which the students cannot cope up on their own. They require help of a teacher to solve their questions and show them quick solutions and methods to study. These classes also provide large amount of practice papers and important questions sheets which helps the students to score good marks. It is not that they are not able to grasp anything in the school but it is due to the vast portion.

Today students are heavily dependent in coaching classes and private tutors, hence these tutors should be of highest quality. As each and every person in the world needs to move ahead with changing times, the tutors also need to improve their skills and methods with respect to this advanced technological world.


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