Importance of Meditation in a Student’s Life

Importance of Meditation in a Student’s Life

Life has become more competitive than before. To achieve the desired goal in life, hard work, patience, and discipline are necessary. In a fast and digitized world, there are uncountable attractions that draw the attention of the young mind. After the completion of a day, 24 hours seem too less.The mind often becomes restless regarding decision-making and selecting the right option in life. To be a good decision maker and get optimum results in life, a student should ‘Keep Calm’.And, the calm will generate in a student if he/she practices meditation regularly.

Meditation: What is it?

The process by which an individual concentrates or focusses deeply, to contemplate on any subject by driving off other thoughts or desires at that point of time, is known as meditation. Meditation replenishes the body and the mind. It enriches the spirit as well.During meditation, one solely tries to find peace and a serene ambience. By forgetting about the complexities of life, an individual tries to sink deep inside the soul. This path is indeed pure. It helps to make the mind strong.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is not a one-day phenomenon. It needs to be nurtured regularly to get the desired results. A student should take some time out from his/her packed routine and allot it for meditation. It might be tough to conduct a prolonged session on the very first day. As the days pass by, the session timings must be increased. Fifteen minutes regularly is sufficient.Physical benefits:

  • High blood pressure level gets lowered
  • Reduction in the blood lactate level and panic attacks
  • Headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle pain and joint problems get resolved
  • Serotonin secretion increases, which makes the mood and behavior positive
  • Immune system gets enhanced
  • Energy level increases

Mental benefits:

  • Decrease in anxiety level and trauma
  • Improvement in emotional stability
  • Innovative attributes develop
  • Increases the happiness level, which helps to attain peace of mind
  • Makes the problems appear smaller
  • Sharpens the mind, which develops the power to retain more information

Ways to get the desired results

A student has a lot of responsibilities towards his/her academic life. On most occasions a student gets stressed after the activities of the day. One might not feel like meditating, but there has to be a starting point. The best time to sit for meditation is in the morning. That is because the mind remains fresh and stress free in the early hours of the day.The eyes need to be closed, the spine should be firm and straight and the one performing meditation must sit on the floor in a cross-legged posture.The place of meditation can be anywhere, like a room, underneath a tree or a park. Whatever the place be, it must be clean and hygienic. A quiet place would be the best option for meditating as silence reduces distractions.When the meditation commences, the deep contemplation might encircle anybody. It can be a tree, a player or his/her own mother. Anything to be precise.A few stretches can be practiced before meditating. That’s because the stretches would relax the various muscles of the body and the meditation would be much easier and better.It is better to meditate in an empty stomach. That lowers the probability of falling asleep.For the very first time, the person might get easily distracted by other simultaneous thoughts penetrating the main thought. There might be distractions from the surrounding but one has to keep on concentrating. A regular practice will gradually strengthen the mind to solely concentrate on a particular object.

Peace of Mind

‘Peace of Mind’ is the ultimate result that can be desired. There is not an inch of doubt that it can be attained through meditation. Peace keeps the brain calm and composed and the more calm it remains, the better than the best decisions pop up from the mind.Meditation helps to undertake anger management issues. Anger is a negative entity in the human body. Meditation helps to contain and reduce the effects of the Fire element and thus procures ‘Peace of Mind’.The students are the youth, the future of a nation and hence they should look forward to steps that would help them to be good, successful and responsible citizens of the country. Meditation is the one stop solution to attain these objectives.


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