Important Qualities that Contribute to make a Great Tutor

Important Qualities that Contribute to make a Great Tutor

The primary reason as why students turn to private tutoring is because of the lack of attention teachers are able to provide in a normal classroom setting. Ideally with classroom strength of 30 to 40 students it is not possible for teachers to provide individual attention to students. So with the increasing number of students per class and the shortage of qualified teachers, unfortunately the majority of the students are left behind. This is where a skilled tutor can bridge the learning gap.

A tutor’s greatest quality is the ability to empathize with a student’s learning needs. No matter how difficult a student is to teach, a good tutor is the one who can easily communicate the love and passion they themselves have for learning. Thus, it is important that every private tutor possess some outstanding qualities to find success knocking right at their doorstep. If you are one of them looking for a tutor, do not compromise on their qualities in favour of a less expensive tutor as that might not help you in achieving the required guidance’s desired in private tutoring. Following are some of the crucial qualities every tutor must have to make their career reach the ladder of success

Develop a positive relationship with the students

Recognizing student’s areas of excellence is imperative towards the beginning of tutoring. With a positive and optimistic outlook, no matter how good or bad a student is a tutor can instil positive relationship with their learners. An attitude of superiority can often put mental blocks and a feeling of ignorance for a student. To avoid cropping in such a situation, tutor must be encourage and promote positive learning environment.

Adapt to the student’s learning style

A good tutoring is not just about imparting knowledge. It is also about adapting the tutee’s style of learning instead of expecting them to adapt. They are not only responsible for planning session, but also to adjust to meet special learning needs of their students. To look at it in other way-‘be willing to change your presentation method or go over material several times to fit student’s need’.

Patience and responsive

Think for a while- why would anyone choose to pay for tutoring in a subject, if they can easily grasp the subject matter on their own? Well, tutoring demands extreme patience to help students deal with the most difficult subjects to understand. Being patience is important not only because each leaners learns at a different pace but because some learners test every ounce of a tutor’s patience. It has been found that sometimes the most trying students are the ones that have the most potential. However a difficult student should not be ignored but dealt patiently to get the work done swiftly. Also a student struggling to understand the subject matter will never get the desired knowledge if someone only answers to their problems without explaining the detail. The purpose is to help students learn and think through a proper process. Answering only the tutee’s query is not teaching them anything. An excellent tutor provides an in-depth knowledge of a topic and asks the students to repeat the material back to them at the end of the session. If the students are successful in repeating and explaining the material back, it is certain that the students have grasped the subject matter.

Realistic teaching ability

Not everyone who wants to tutor for money has the ability to teach. When it comes to tutoring, it is not just the ability to share information but the ability to share it in such a way that can be comprehended by the learners. It makes no sense, if the learners fail to understand what a tutor teaches. Tutor is not expected to change anyone’s life but can be a positive influence to guide a student find their way to a successful academic career.

Adopt effective ways to facilitate learning

A tutor should not be an instructor but work with students to put them at ease Instead of spoon-feeding, they direct the students towards the right steps, methods and procedures to solve problems. This help the learner make their discoveries and collect information independently Encourage students to remain active during the learning session Help students accept responsibility of their learning Relate to students as an equal and not someone superior.

Maturity and persistence

Parents will never trust a tutor who is impolite, laugh inappropriately, talk about irrelevant things, cannot pay attention or basically act like someone that parents will never allow their children to be around them. Although maturity is strongly connected with the age, it has also to do with a person’s upbringing and education. Moreover, being persistent with students especially who are weak in certain subjects or are complete beginners while learning new skills is a great quality of a tutor. Being persistent and the zeal to teach despite the tutee’s continuous failure is a key component to success.


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