How to Improve your Creativity

How to Improve your Creativity

A picturesque meadow, with cows grazing, in front of a homely cottage against the backdrop of tall mountains from which peeps a bright sun. A wooden fence is seen surrounding the cottage. This is the painting that fetched Sarah a first prize in her inter-school drawing competition. You would be amazed to discover that Sarah completed the assignments of her Arts and Crafts classes all on her own. Sometimes, she even assisted her class-mates in their spray-painting or sketching classes. And, this talented young lady is just a ten-year-old school-girl!So, it’s proved. Creativity is not restricted to any age. Nor any gender. Nor any nationality, caste, creed or race. Creativity is a subtle element that lies concealed in each one of us. It is just waiting for us to unveil itself. Unveil itself in any form. Do you realize that creative people are some of the most blessed humans?I’ll tell you how. It introduces you to ‘effective thinking in a unique way’. Fuels your imagination and give wings to it. Ushers in variety to your life and makes life a celebration! Moreover, creativity also helps students learn swiftly. Therefore, the wise men would always encourage you to improve your creativity. Read on to know how you can do it:

  • Accept your creativity: As I have already mentioned earlier, everyone is born with a certain amount of creativity. So, don’t wait for your friend or neighbor to tell you that you are a born genius. Creativity blooms through various platforms, like music, fine arts, theater, dance, crafts and so on. You just have to identify that inspires your creativity. Is it music or painting a portrait through which you express yourself the most beautifully? Tell yourself, ‘I am creative in my own sweet way, and will try to unleash it.”
  • Take note of brilliance: Now, welcome brilliance into your life. If music is your passion, listen to renowned musicians and read about them. Learn who and what motivates them to follow their love for music. Visit the best plays and read all Shakespearean plays if you are attracted to the art of theater. Watch movies by talented directors and observe every aspect of film-making, if you love movies. In short, be an expert in your field. Let it charge your daydreams and make its presence felt in your subconscious mind.
  • Plan your creative activities: Proper time management is a pre-requisite to achieve success in any and every field. Be it in education, professional sphere or even while engaging in your creative passions. In fact, it is amongst the best learning strategies of top students. I would suggest you schedule a specific time every week, when you can dedicate some amount of time to your creative pursuits. It might be during the weekends, or any other time that works best for you. But keep some time aside to nurture your creativity.
  • Start creating: Convert your potential energy to kinetic energy – start creating something today. Time is a precious commodity, as you already know. Why waste it in idle thoughts and turn your brain into a devil’s workshop? Remember the words of the American actress Demi Lovato who had said that creativity made it possible for her to escape from her inner demons? Are you a nature-lover? Why not create a poem to appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty? Or, try to write down the lyrics of your own song. Give it a tune.
  • Think outside the box: Creativity rushes into you the moment you start thinking differently. Say, for instance, currently you are confronting an issue. Naturally, you are slightly stressed about it, even if you’re not ready to admit it. Therefore, it’s time to look at your problem from a completely new perspective. Imagine that you are in a different location. Now, ask yourself how another person would react to it being based in a foreign land. Think of other probable circumstances that might arise due to a similar problem you might be facing.
  • Choose your spot: Choose a spot that encourages you to be creative in your arena. Is it that room in the library, seaside, your garden or terrace that lets you be yourself? It must be an isolated place that permits you to contemplate deeply, without any interruptions. Make it clear to your friends that you would prefer solitude for a few moments here. Your chosen spot must help you concentrate on your ideas. And enable you to relax completely. It is one of the best ways to improve memory.
  • Enjoy solitude: Silence and solitude can work wonders for your soul. Spend a few moments with yourself, admiring a sunset. Or, get absorbed in the mesmerizing beauty of a rose. Let all your thoughts swim towards it. Haven’t you noticed that acclaimed artists require solitude as a daily routine, to stimulate their creative energies? Move away from the hustle and bustle. And, communicate with yourself. Sway your body and dance to some unknown tune when you are alone. With bold strokes on your canvas, depict your feelings through a painting.
  • Say no to negativity: Do you what threatens creativity? It is pessimistic attitude. Every person employs varying means to express his creative potential. As an amateur painter, photographer, blogger, singer, dancer or actor, isn’t it natural to be imperfect? In fact, I personally feel a certain degree of imperfection enhances the charm of our creation, making it original. If someone doesn’t approve of your creation, try not to take it personally. Accept every kind of criticism with an open heart. Don’t let negative criticism discourage you from following your passion.
  • Connect: A little while ago, I was talking about solitude. And how it helps. But there are two sides to it. Just like solitude is essential to let your creativity blossom, at times it also requires inter-personal communication. You can discuss your thought processes with your friends. Maybe the theme of your next portrait. Or, a new dance step that you’re eager to introduce in your next choreography session. A rapid brainstorming session motivates the creative genius in you. It really helps your versatility, if you start communicating your ideas.
  • Use mind-mapping: Mind can come up with some of the most appropriate answers, particularly when it comes to creativity. Man is yet to discover the immense potential of his mental intellect. So, I would advise you to use mind-mapping to identify ideas and creative solutions. Why not note down a central idea on a page? Now, try to connect it with related concepts. I am sure you would get a series of brand new thoughts. You can employ it in your next creative venture.

Utilize these best techniques to boost your creativity. And, start from today onwards. Experiment with a large variety of ideas and implement them into your creation. Be fearless in each of your creative attempts. Don’t let criticism interfere with your tenacity to present unique creations to the world. Arise. Awaken your innate creativity. Inspire. Impress!


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