International students can study graduate program in Kuwait

International students can study graduate program in Kuwait

Kuwait is known to be one of the survival countries that offer immense educational facilities to the international students. After the invasion by Iraq in the early 90s, the small size country has come to fame. The state has managed to return to health and structured best living standards in the whole Middle East. It incorporates a liberal lifestyle, especially surrounding the areas of Kuwait city.

Again, the graduate programs in the country give a good time to the students to place themselves in an excellent historical Arab nation with a revolutionary history of evolvement and forbearance.

If you are planning to attempt your graduate studies in Kuwait, you have to acquire the knowledge of the contemporary life in the country.

The cost of living comes first in every discussion as the money and its value can cater the basic and extra demands of life. Food, shelter, clothes, schooling, college education, medication, etc. are not completely free. Let me tell you that like every place, cost of living depend on the lifestyle that one chooses.

In Kuwait, the petrol and the domestic goods are incredibly affordable, whereas the electronics and the imported goods are expensive in comparison. If you wish to be entertained in the small country, you better spend your holidays outside it as the size is compact and the facility of the necessities is adequate. There are fewer places to involve the entertainment factors in that area.

  • Important note: The international students come from various countries with the ultra-modern way of living. Their dressing sense and the circumstances may be ultra-modern. But, you may not get the same freedom in Kuwait as it is a Muslim dominated country. You have to dress modestly. Be careful about the social constraints like shutting down of the shops for prayers. The inhabitants of Kuwait are friendly and compassionate. There is no probable possibility of the clashes regarding accepting foreign students.
  • A glance at the education in Kuwait:

The following state institutions offer international students plenty:

Coming to the private institutions:

Whenever you pack your bags for Kuwait, you have to go and live in a particular place that will give you shelter, safety, and security.

Most of the students prefer to stay in an accommodation offered by the university authorities. There are few students who want complete privacy and prefer to live in a separate comfortable apartment. You may have to spend a bit extra for accommodating private homestay.

  • The rent factors:

Providing you the approximate rate per month:


Single bedroom flat is around 250KWD (USD$900)

Three bedroom flat is around 540KWD (USD$1,900)

Outskirts of the city:

One bedroom apartment is approximately 180KWD (USD$640)

Three bedroom apartment is around 420KWD (USD$1,500)

  • Getting into the transport facilities:

The general transport depends on taxis and cars. As per the official data, there is one car for every 2.25 personages at an average.

 The local citizens of Kuwait avail the network of inexpensive coach and bus. Soon, Kuwait city metro may come into activation and plans are going on about the viable infrastructure.

The fascinating feature is the seven airports. Kuwait International Airport is the principal one.

  • Information about the visas and immigration:

Like other countries, if you wish to pursue your graduation in Kuwait, you have to apply for student visa before going to the country.

 Exhibit the specifications:

  • Whether you have paid the applicable fees of visa
  • If you possess a reliable home on the course at the specific educational organization
  • Whether you have the adequate fund for your accommodation in the distinct zone
  • You must bring a cover letter issued by your sponsor with the detailed explanation of the course

As an international student, you won’t be able to work in the country owing to the visa conditions.

  • The working condition:

  In terms of income per capita including financial services, petrochemical, and petroleum, Kuwait stands on the fifth position in the list of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Thus, engineering is accepted as the most favored choice for the graduate program because of the 104 billions reserve of crude oil which amounts to 10% of the total reserve of the entire world.

If you are wondering about the climate, then you must know that Kuwait boasts Middle Eastern Climate with temperatures that can go beyond 40◦C. Shamal, a northwesterly wind may surprise you with pronounced sandstorms in mainly in June and July.

For more information needed, you can click:

If you are still in turmoil, you can always Google and check the university websites reading all the facilities provided by them. Don’t forget to go through the country guides. Best wishes to you.


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