Is Bullying in School the Childhood of Ragging in College

Is Bullying in School the Childhood of Ragging in College

Bullying is related to aggression, intimidation, verbal abuse or physical abuse. This can happen from the insecurity and fear of a person. It is actually done to hide one’s own faults port shortcomings whereas ragging includes nagging, complaining, and an abusive behavior. It is the more matured form of the childhood bullying where one is aware of what they are doing and what can be the possible effects. Ragging is more commonly seen in the colleges and bullying in the schools. The second one is a more counteractive than the first one.

In fact, ragging is a notorious practice of the colleges. Instead of welcoming the new students often the senior students harass them. So, ultimately one who has worked hard to get an entry into an institution will get scared the very first day after facing severe humiliation. This also affects the education system.

The Supreme Court or the highest court of law has passed several laws against this system. It mandates that anybody accused of ragging or being involved in the ragging related activities will be severely punished.

Bullying, on the other hand, is a childlike affair. We often do not even pay any heed to the children bullying a smaller one or a fatter one. Of course, that is a bit disturbing as the child who is being bullied loses all self-respect and self-esteem. Many psychologists have even reported that many of the children who have faced bully become alienated and do not share their feelings with anyone. Some get so scared to such an extent that they do not feel safe to leave their homes even for school/college or tuitions.

Whatever one may say, bullying and ragging are all the same. Only bullying is a bit lesser in the degree of harshness. The various instances where ragging is performed are as follows:

Formal Introduction

As already discussed above that whenever a new student comes into his or her new college, he or she is asked to do certain activities by the seniors. Maybe they are asked to introduce themselves, maybe they are asked about their life and feeling or they may be asked to do something that is totally wrong.

Dress Code Ragging

The person is asked to dress up in a special way. If you feel that this is easy then it is not. The dress code is generally weird which makes the person feel awkward and brings down unwanted attention from the almost everyone around.

Sexual Abuse

These kinds of abuse often compel one to strip off their clothes partly or wholly in front of the seniors. This gets quite embarrassing and the person often commits suicide out of shame.

Verbal Torture

In this, the newcomer is made to use abusive words or languages or sing to vulgar songs. The seniors often tease them on the basis of that or make videos of those and post them online. They might complain the college authorizes using these videos for which they have to face major consequences at times.

Hostel Ragging

The students of outer stations are most vulnerable to ragging. They might be forced to clean others clothes, rooms, etc. They might also be asked to complete the assignments of the seniors, bring water, food for them like they are the slaves.

Preventative Measures Against Both

It is necessary to take certain measure to prevent ragging. Continuation of any of the activities leads to drastic results among the students. Thus, prevention is necessary. The steps that can be taken are as follows.

  • The colleges and institutes shall launch movements which would guide the activities of the students. Any violation of the activities can lead to serious punishments.

  • Hostel accommodations to be guarded strictly for both schools and colleges.

  • Undertakings should be taken from both the parents and the students that they would not indulge in any such activities.

  • The staffs, the management and the other members of the authority should ensure that the rules and regulations are maintained on the premises. Committees should be set up to monitor the activities of the students.

All the above-mentioned things are important for preventing ragging. Even if one is bullying a person that needs to be stopped. Bullying is just the initiation which in years can lead to ragging and oppression if not monitored in the proper way.


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