Is daily homework necessary?

Is daily homework necessary?

As we all know the thing that children hate the most is their homework. Students are extremely frustrated about the loads of work they have to do everyday at home. But homework is a part of the education cycle, and is essential for the child as it helps the child to recollect about the work it has done in the classroom and makes it easy during preparation of their exams.

As we know large amount of homework everyday can also be bad for the students as they do not get time for other essential activities like sports, art and craft, and other own interests.

Due to extra homework students are always tensed about it and are not able to enjoy any activity. They feel exhausted and get extremely bored, which affects them mentally. Hence it is important for schools to give homework in adequate proportion so that students can perform all the activities they want and save their time.

Also it is important to check what type of homework is given to students. Making students write same type question answers again and again is a waste of time and energy. Homework should be creative and it can also include some research work. It should be made attractive as well as knowledgeable.

How important is homework really

Homework is important as it hones our skills, and helps us revise what we learned in school. It is a good tool used by tutors that improves students understanding of what they learn in class. It helps students to do work on their own and develop maturing skills. Many students need time and experience to develop the study habits that supports learning and homework can provide that as well as the ability to cope with mistakes and difficulties.

A balanced perspective is important regarding homework. Time spent on homework should align with the students’ age. If you want best results than keep the homework time in proper balanced manner with allowance to individual need of students. Match homework to the learning goal for a more focused learning experience. Give few topics to learn so that the child can learn the topic deeply. Provide appropriate and timely feedback. Students need to know what was correct and what needs to be changed and they need to know this sooner rather than later. Teachers correcting after weeks or several days eliminates the effectiveness of the homework.

It is important for schools to understand that daily assignments or homework should be varied and meaningful and not only rote practice work. New and creative ideas should be used by teachers to give homework which will help the child in creating interest about that subject and also will help to understand the concept easily. Different types of projects should be given to students which can be either individual or group projects. These projects help children to make connections with family and friends and also gain immense amount of knowledge as well as have fun. Try to create homework which is full of fun and discovery. Homework encourages students to take initiative and responsibility for completing a task. It helps students to relate what is learnt in school to children’s lives outside the school.


Each and every school and their teachers should ask this question to themselves that what helps in a student’s academic success, quantity or quality? Once people understand this thing the burden of lot of homework will be removed from the shoulders of students. Parents also should help their students in their homework and should talk to their teacher if there is any extra pressure on the student. Hence balanced and sufficient amount of homework is a great boon for students and can improve their academic performance.


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