Is Geography as a Subject Getting Its Due Importance?

Is Geography as a Subject Getting Its Due Importance?

Geography is not given its due importance as a subject, but it is important and relevant to study geography as it teaches us about different types of physical features, climatic conditions, soil types, minerals and rocks, water bodies, vegetation, flora and fauna found in a particular place, etc.

To study our planet, the ecology, the environment, and the biodiversity, is to study geography. Unfortunately, geography is not popular as subjects such as computer science, engineering, commerce, management, finance, and marketing as students and their parents think that the subject has no utility and it does not offer enough job opportunities or earning prospects.

Some parents and guardians think that by studying geography, their wards will end up working in a low paying job, roaming around forests, sleeping in a tent or on a hammock somewhere in Amazon, and eating berries and roots for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Many parents think that a career in geography will not provide the comfort, pay package, perquisites, and stability of a corporate job. Hence, they discourage their children from pursuing a career in geography.

With the surge in connection between humans from all corners of world, the changing environment, the disappearance of some animal species, and the anomalies in the climatic conditions, never has geography been more significant than it is at the present juncture.

Study of geography is necessary as it will make us aware about our planet Earth, the actions we have been carrying out over the last few centuries, and the terrifying consequences of the actions we would face in the future if we don’t mend our ways when there is still time left.

Some reasons to study geography are:

1. It helps you to understand the place you live in

Geography helps you to understand the history and natural features of the place you reside in. There are some geographical features around you those are directly responsible for your stay in the place and by studying geography you can figure that out. How do you get water for drinking and cleaning? Do you get it from a nearby lake or river? Or is it underground water? How is the climate round the year? Which season do you enjoy the most? What type of vegetation you have around your place? The key to all these questions can be answered by studying geography?

2. It helps you to understand the world

The questions you asked about the place you live can also be applied to any part of the world and the answer you derive by studying geography will intrigue you. You can get an idea about the most spectacular physical features of the world, the extreme climatic conditions of some places, the impact of the geographical features on the people, etc.

3. It helps you to prepare ahead of your travel

Geography helps you to prepare before your travel to a foreign location. You may be a stockbroker or a software developer, you will need some basic information about a place when you are about to drop by it. Geography helps you to learn about the physical features, climatic conditions, flora and fauna, etc.

4. It helps you to understand different practices and customs of people

Ever wondered why Moroccans greet you with a cup of mint tea? Why Eskimos wear the furry thick clothing? Why major festivals of people from all over the world coincide with the harvest season of main crops? You can get answer to all the questions if you understand geography. Geography will help you to put the customs and tradition of people around the world in context.


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