Is Private Tuition the Ultimate Solution for Your Kid's High Grades?

Is Private Tuition the Ultimate Solution for Your Kid

Lucy has again failed in maths. The third grader cannot cope with her math lesson efficiently as she does with other subjects. Frequent complains come from the school for her low grades.

Is the similar incident is happening with your child too?

No wonder, everyone can’t be perfect in all the subjects. Some are good at language, while some can solve puzzles in a jiffy. Again, sometimes, the child’s imaginative mind want to run away from the barriers of literacy and wish to indulge in the fantasy world that he/she has shaped for his/her own.

Again, it often happens that parents give immense pressure on the little souls and compromise their sleep and rest. It regularly hacks the studies. As per a Ph.D. professor of Psychology, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, of Philadelphia’s Temple University, advised the parents that if the child behaves poorly in the classroom, check if he/she is getting the proper sleep.

Many parents opt for approaching private tutors for their kids. Several schools couldn’t afford to hire more teachers due to the budget cuts. Thus, each child can’t be minutely taken care of. If your kid is getting shallow marks, you can fix a collegiate to give him/her some extra attention regarding the studies. It works better with kids of 6-10 years as they respond better to the young adults rather than strict old teachers.

But, you need to make sure your kid and the young teacher are comfortable with each other. As your small bee is very young and new to his/her tuition teacher, you sit in the same study room and monitor the session. Again, physical and verbal abusements are on the significant rise nowadays. So, be careful about your innocent child.

If your ward is a bit grown up like over 10 or has entered teenage, and having a hard time in a solo subject like chemistry or history, consult with the school teacher. Several schools have the facility of the extra classes to the weak students after the scheduled school hours. If admitted to such courses, your child can have the required attention on the particular subject by the school teacher only. You don’t have to seek outside for better option.

If it doesn’t work, then consider employing a private tutor. You can ask the school educators for more recommendations and freelance specialists who are equally qualified and educate children outside the school.

private tuition

The most effective way to master your kids in specific subjects is to train them by yourself. You are their parents and the closest person. You know their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. If you can take out a couple of hours in between your busy schedule for your pretty souls and guide them on the subjects, it will be the best education for them.

A study done by the University of Miami revealed that small group and one-on-one tutoring helped in boosting the children’s reading skills. Taking tips from it, you can call your child’s friends to your home and conduct a full session that will benefit all the kids together.

But, considering the high price of the private tuition, it is hard to manage. If we take the experimentation in general; in major cities, a single hour costs near to $35 to $ 300 depending on the lifestyle. As per a prediction of the Global Industry Analysts, California, the tutoring market is continuously growing at the rate of approximately 7-8% each year, and it is expected to exceed around $100 billion by the end of 2018.

Unfortunately, a private tutor’s capability can’t be proven in written other than the result of his/her students. Millions of highly educated people are turning to private tutoring as their only profession and earning good packages. Some are indulging in providing coaching classes to the students as freelancers or part-timers.

Therefore, it becomes very hectic for the guardians to decide whether they are getting the actual value for their investment on coaching centers. Many parents wish to get into the high headed competition with the kids’ peers, and hence, they put their children into reputed coaching institutions.

One positive aspect of the tuition centers is mock tests. The multiple numbers of mock tests give a learner the preview of the upcoming exam and the question types. They also get the knowledge of proper time management. They are enlightened with the grading patterns that they will face in the finals.

Shy and nervous kids can benefit from the tuition classes due to the exposure in groups and engagement of the whole class. The one-on-one discussion is allowed in some tutoring organizations that help the introvert child to open up with the specific problems regarding the subjects.

We can summarize by saying that opting for private tuition classes is solely depending upon the needs of the children. Think before you do. Take help from the academic counselors.


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