Is Tutoring really Effective?

Is Tutoring really Effective?

Today, once your child returns from school, ask him a simple question. Has he been able to follow the sums his Math teacher taught him in the class? Or, how much did he score in his last English class test? Are you sure you’re keeping track of your child’s academic progress, dear parents? I would advise you to be patient as you question your child.

I know, you have enrolled your child into one of the most reputed schools in the country. I’m also aware of the fact that the school employs experienced teachers who are well-versed in the art of teaching students. But, how successful is your son in grasping the lessons taught at school?

A simple way to evaluate his level of understanding is to check his school grades. Are his grades steadily dropping despite his hours of careful studying? Have you inspected what is amiss? I’ll tell you. Somehow, your child’s brain is incapable of acknowledging and retaining the information that is fed to him in school. After all, every student has different levels of understanding.

I have met some of the brightest pupils, who feel that their school lessons are not enough to prepare them for exams. In such circumstances, private tuitions can act as saviors for most students. Read on to know why tutoring is immensely effective:

  • Individual attention: In a class of over sixty students, it becomes impossible for teachers to invest personalized attention to each and everyone. Consequently, most pupils are distracted when the teacher explains a chapter or concept. In addition, shy students hesitate to clarify their doubts by asking questions to their teachers in the presence of their class-mates. So, few students listen to teachers in schools. Private tutors offer one-on-one attention to their students. Moreover, students feel free to ask questions to their tutors whenever they have queries.
  • Improved self-esteem: When you engage a tutor for your child, he starts learning the value of time management. If tutors succeed in inspiring their tutees to study hard, students perform well in exams. Also, they are eager to learn new things and are able to imbibe knowledge quickly. This ushers in a new degree of self confidence in students. It’s true particularly for slow learners. If they might have confronted with difficulties in their school’s Math classes, private tuitions enable them to overcome them more easily.
  • Quality learning: Every parent seeks a superior quality of education for their child. And I daresay most schools do not meet their academic expectations. Therefore, you need a reliable tutor who can guide your child all the way to academic excellence. A smart tip for hiring tutors is to check their dexterity in the subject they’re going to teach your kid. This way you can make sure your son receives the best training on his problem areas or tricky subjects. Naturally, it increases his chances of performing well academically.
  • Better test preparation: Studying for exams is one of the worst nightmares of almost every student. Several learners associate exams with stress and anxiety, once they open their books to prepare for them. Your child’s tutor can assist him in following a proper routine as they study for various exams including competitive ones like SAT or ACT. They aid students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, as well as knowledge gaps. Tutors also take mock tests to assess how well he is prepared for the final exam.
  • Reduces study time: Is your daughter exhausted after a continuous four-hour study session at home? Is she losing sleep trying to memorize and revise the formulas till late at night? Dear parents, it’s high time you ask her to relax while she learns. For, it is not the quantity but the quality of study time that matters! Tutors can help your child study in a more disciplined manner. For instance, they might come up with unique ways to help your child master Calculus or practice a Science experiment.
  • Better convenience: Learning becomes more convenient when you employ private tutors for your kids. You can ask them to impart tuitions to your child at a time and place suitable for your child. When you interview a potential tutor, ask him which time would be comfortable for him. Then, consult with your child if it is appropriate for him as well. Your child can easily study in the comfort of your home, if his tutor visits your home to offer tuitions. It saves a great deal of time.
  • Improving social skills: Some students are introverts. You would notice that they don’t ask questions in the classroom. And, nod their heads when the teacher inquires if anybody has any doubts. They feel embarrassed to express their feedback to the teacher, in front of their peers. When they are being taught by tutors, they learn how to build their communication skills more effectively. In addition, their problem-solving skills are also developed as they make attempts to solve sums on their own. It helps them emerge into smarter humans.

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So, what are you waiting for? Hire a private tutor immediately for your child. And, prevent Math or Chemistry from being a stumbling block in the path of his academic success! Log onto the website to get a list of some of the most reputed tutors in the city. Even the most brilliant pupils can display outstanding progress with a little extra effort, dear friends. So, gear up for being the next academic champion, equipped with the guidance of some of the best tutors!


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