Islamic education course introduced in Australian

Islamic education course introduced in Australian

An Australian college is driving the western world in building up the main capability explicitly went for rehearsing Islamic instructors.

The main licensed course of its sort in the nation, the Postgraduate Certificate in Islamic Education at the University of South Australia offers understudies the chance to investigate the contemporary settings and substances of religious training.

The aim of the program is for both teachers working in private and public schools, as well as for Islamic schools with huge numbers of Muslim students.

Islamic pedagogy can be studied by would-be scholars within the areas of assessment and curriculum and learning environments. And the foundations of Islamic thought and civilisation.

Dylan Chown program director says the course was established to help teachers comprehend the specific needs of Muslim learners.

“It’s a teacher education course, so it’s not about teaching religion as much as it’s about understanding faith perspectives and understanding the role and place of religion and spirituality in terms of learner identities,” he says.

“And in Australia where we’re promoting both excellence and equity, as laid out in the Melbourne Declaration goals for education ... there’s a need to know your learners and be responsive to their strengths and needs – particularly those from diverse cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds and so on.”

Dr. Nadeem Memon course co-ordinator says Islamic educators have lacked opportunities to investigate or discuss what makes faith-based schooling different.

From other religious sectors, this differs where teachers usually undergo a “nuanced teacher preparation program”.

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