What to know about TOEFL examination?

What to know about TOEFL examination?

When it comes to English assessment, there are several standardized examinations that are accepted all around the world  SAT, GRE, IELTS, MUETS and TOEFL. TOEFL is one of the most widely-accepted English assessment tests in the world. The evidence can be seen in the high total numbers of universities, governments, private agencies and corporate companies that are currently accepting TOEFL as its key measurement before admitting or hiring any of its students or employees.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL, which stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a test that is used to assess the ability of a person in using English language in any academic or professional settings. It is implemented in majority of non-English speaking countries all around the world, especially before one is to embark on his journey to study or work in an English country such as the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia. TOEFL is designed to examine several English skills at the same time, which are:

  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Speaking skills 

TOEFL Fee, Test Centres and Dates

In Singapore, students who will be taking TOEFL exam may perform online registration and book their seats by paying a fee of $230 per test. Depending on the availability of the student, he or she may select a test date, which is usually held during the weekend  Saturdays and Sundays. This choice of dates is very convenient, especially to the candidates who are having school sessions or full-time work during the weekdays. You may refer to TOEFL website to learn more about the test dates.

TOEFL comes in two different formats, which are internet-based test and paper-based test. In Singapore, there is only one available format which is the internet-based test. The paper test is only available in certain countries in which internet access is very limited or of non-existence. In order to sit for the TOEFL exam, the candidates will have to go to any of the Prometric Test Centres in that particular country. In Singapore, the Prometric Test Centre is situated inside the International Plaza building, which is located on Anson Road.

TOEFL Test Preparations

In order to gain good result in the TOEFL test, candidates are recommended to make a full preparation before sitting for the exam. There are several ways of learning that can be used by the candidates. They may choose the most effective method that is in accordance to their ability, skills and time availability. Let’s take a look at each of the preparation methods.

Online Preparation – There are many online preparation materials that are available in the internet for TOEFL candidates. For example, they may go to Educational Testing Service (ETS) website to download free (or paid) preparation tools. ETS offers many helpful resources to test candidates, not only for TOEFL but also for other tests like GRE, SAT and IELTS. This type of online preparation is suitable for those who have limited time to attend English classes. This is the easiest way of preparation as online learning can easily be done anywhere and anytime!

Sign up for a preparation course – Besides than using the online preparation, candidates who have ample of time to commute to English classes and would like to make an extra effort in preparing for the TOEFL exam  may sign up for a TOEFL preparation course that is available in Singapore. Some of the preparation courses that they can sign up for are:

  • TOEFL Singapore by Icon+
  • TOEFL Classic Course by Manhattan Review
  • TOEFL Test Prep Class, by JE Educational College
  • TOEFL Preparation Course by Solomon Lab

TOEFL Scores

To receive an official TOEFL score, candidates are required to answer at least one question in each of the sections (e.g. Reading, Listening, Essay and Speaking Task) in the test. Each of the four sections contains 30 marks and a perfect score of

TOEFL will sum up to 120. There is no such thing as high marks or low marks in TOEFL. It is a subjective assessment, which heavily depends on the requirement of the university or institution that you are applying to. Top universities may set a higher TOEFL marks for its prospective students and some other might have a lower TOEFL standard. Therefore, it must be your goal to achieve the highest score possible, so that your chance of entering your desired school can be increased.

TOEFL Exam Day

On the exam day, there are two important things that candidates will have to bring together with them. The items are:

  • Registration number – Can be seen in your registration confirmation email
  • Valid and recognized identification documents – National ID Card or passport 

Failing to bring any of these two items will cause you difficulty in entering the test room. Some other tips before you leave for the exam is to have a good meal in the morning (to give yourself energy) and to be calm and confident during the exam!


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