Leading UK Universities in the Year 2017

Leading UK Universities in the Year 2017

Studying in UK is a sweet dream of the young ambitious people. Studying in the scenic beauty of this nation is an experience which casts a magnetic spell over thousands of students. This land is also famous for its cricket controversies as well as leading universities. Its world class colleges and the universities nurture the students with amazing skills in various fields.

To gain the valuable talents, students from many countries have made UK their home. If you want to study in this lively environment of innovation and learning, then you will certainly be able to make your future prospects bright.

The leading UK universities will provide you many opportunities. You can choose various traditional learning as well as vocational courses. All the UK universities are specialists of their own areas of language.

Here is the list of leading five universities of England:

1. Oxford University

This is one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in the globe. The University of Oxford attracts top students and scholars for 44 halls and colleges. The standard of entry is high and the admission process is also highly competitive. In the year 2015, there were more than 18,000 applications for undergraduate courses given for three thousand and two hundred places, and twenty- four thousand applications for postgraduate courses in five thousand and two hundred places.

The institute offers several honors program which associate two different subjects at the undergraduate level. There are approximately 250 dissimilar groupings for undergraduate degree courses where you can get the grouping of economics, philosophy and politics which are among the most admired degree courses.

Most of the leaders worldwide, 26 Noble prize winners, 26 Prime Ministers of Britain and more than 100 prizewinners in the Olympic games studied at Oxford University. Stephen Hawking, Indira Gandhi and Hugh Grant are some of the most renowned alumni and the list of such famous personalities go on.

After graduating from this university, within just a span of six months, 95 students out of every 100 get high esteemed jobs or opt for further education.

2. The Cambridge University

The Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious, oldest and the fundamental universities in the UK. The town is located at just an hour’s distance from London.

This university is the home for 9000 staffs and 18,000 students. There are 31 affiliated colleges and more than 100 academic sections in it.

Cambridge libraries shows the assortments of medieval documents and the museums in the university display many archaeological items and the zoological specimens. Famous graduates include cultural figures, actors, politicians and acknowledged sports persons etc.

3. Imperial College London

Imperial College of London has consistently been recognised among the best campuses in the world for science, business, medicine, engineering and technology. It was established in the year 1907 with the emergence of three colleges in London and now it has more than 14700 students and 8000 staffs.

In addition to top scientists, Noble prize winners and Field medalists, Imperial has always be known for giving significant government policymakers and advisers.

4. University College London

University College London (UCL) was the first university constructed in England to accept students regardless of class, race or religion. They are the first institute who admit women with men on equal terms and thus regarded as the university’s “spiritual founder”.

It is one of the most eminent British universities. The main campus of UCL is in the central London of Bloomsbury area.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Of all universities in United Kingdom, London School of Economics and Political Science has the highest proportion of international students, which is almost 70 per cent.

The campus has good strength in Economics, Law, History, Politics and Philosophy. Currently, more than 25 per cent of all Nobel prize winners in Economics have been awarded to the alumni or associates of the LSE. Economic logicians at the LSE have long disagreement with logicians at Cambridge, particularly in matters related to financial problems in society.

LSE’s campus is in the Clare Market area which is close to important institutions including the Royal Courts of Justice, the Royal College of Surgeons, the British Museum and Lincoln’s Inn.

In the year 2014, the university obtained 17,000 undergraduate applications. Like other top universities in the UK, generally the LSE requires entry standards of A grades or higher.

Academic and political figures, prominent cultural, including George Soros and Nelson Mandela have given public speeches at the LSE as part of the university’s respected lecture series.


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