Learning Chemistry: Tips To Master The Subject Fast

Learning Chemistry: Tips To Master The Subject Fast

Chemistry is a vast and interesting subject. It can trace its history back to the Middle Ages, when Islamic and western scientists practiced alchemy. As a subject, it involves the study of matters - their composition, properties, structures and changes. The subject, a sub-section of physical science, aims to comprehend the interaction of different atoms and the bonds they attempt to form to create compounds. It also tries to understand the interaction between atoms and electrons and studies alloys and polymers.

These are a few steps and tools, which will help you to learn chemistry as fast as possible.

Decide a Single or Multiple Branches of Chemistry You Wish to Focus On:

This is the first step if you intend to learn Chemistry properly. There are many sub-branches of the subject as well. Some of them include:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry

You need to deal with all of them while studying Chemistry as a whole. However, as a student, you can also narrow this down depending on your interests and choose a particular branch of Chemistry to focus on.

These are some of the areas particular sub-branches of Chemistry deal with:

Analytical Chemistry:

This sub-branch of Chemistry strives to comprehend chemical processes. An analytical chemist examines the composition of a substance. Under Chemical Engineering, one uses chemistry to solve issues arising in an industry.

Chemical Engineering:

Chemical engineering can be best described as a marriage between engineering and chemistry. Using this subject, one utilizes chemistry to solve issues arising in an industry.

Physical Chemistry:

Physical chemistry can similarly be described as a marriage between chemistry and physics. Under this branch of chemistry, the most common areas of study are quantum mechanics and thermodynamics.


Biochemistry strives to understand the chemical processes, which living creatures go through. Some of the fields of study under biochemistry include:

  • Vitamins
  • Transcription
  • Amino acids
  • Anabolic and catabolic reactions

Organic Chemistry:

Organic chemistry primarily studies carbons and the reactions, which carbon goes through. You need to decide the branch of this huge field he or she wishes to focus on.

Decide How Much Time One Wishes to Devote to Chemistry:

This is true not just for Chemistry, but for any other subject that one wishes to study as well. The more time you devote to your studies, the better you will be able to master the subject. However, always remember that you will have to study other subjects as well. Hence, make a timetable to share the time for different subjects, including chemistry.

Take Short Breaks for Better Results:

Not being able to remember the symbols and formulas even after studying for long hours at a stretch? You should take short breaks. It will help you concentrate better rather than trying to cram everything within a short time.

Emphasize on the Core Concepts:

Try to develop a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts in Chemistry. Once you have comprehended the core concepts, it will be easy for you to learn every aspect of the subject.

Get a Friend To Study With You:

Getting a study buddy can be a great idea. Find a friend who wants to learn chemistry together. This will help you remain motivated. Engage in a healthy competition with your buddy and see who masters the subject earlier. This will help you complete the syllabus efficiently as well.

Pay Attention to the Teacher:

This is vital, whether you are studying Chemistry from a private tutor, in school or even from an online tutor. You should pay proper attention to what the teacher has to say. It is also a good habit to take notes. You can also leave some space between the notes to write down any doubts. You can clarify these doubts later from the teacher.

Try to Catch Up Fast in Case You Fall Behind:

It is very important to try to catch up when you have fallen behind. It is always better not to procrastinate, as the burden will be even heavier later. There will be much more catching up to do. Hence, it is important to start studying from the beginning of the session and continue it on a regular basis to get the best results at the end of the year.


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