5 Interesting Libraries in Singapore for Students

5 Interesting Libraries in Singapore for Students

If you are currently studying in Singapore, finding a library is never a problem. With the word-class education system ranking under its belt, it is no surprise to find out that Singapore has many libraries, situated well in every region within the small country.

In this article, we have compiled for you the 5 interesting public libraries in Singapore that provide high-quality services and diverse reading materials to students.

1. The National Library

The National Library is the oldest library in Singapore. Its history goes back to the 1820s during the time of Sir Stamford Raffles, when the first foundation stone was laid down by Sir Stamford himself! However, in 2004, The National Library of Singapore was then moved to a new building on the Victoria Street.

The Lee Kong Chian Reference

This reference library is a subunit of the National Library and has been specially named after the well-known philanthropist, Dr. Lee Kong Chian, who has generously donated $60million in order to build the new building.

This special unit is created in order to provide resources about Singapore  its demographic info, history, cultures, business environments etc. It also aims to preserve the country’s legacy knowledge and to promote the lifelong learning culture amongst the Singaporeans.

This Lee Kong Chian Reference is suitable for students who are interested to learn more about the island country. It is also suitable for those who would like to have a comfortable and nice studying ambience. Besides, students should face no issue in finding reading or research references as it has a collection of more than 500,000 printed and non-printed books and manuscripts.

Here are several other facilities that can be found inside The National Library:

  • Access to online database
  • Document delivery service
  • Easy access to documentaries and educational films
  • Opened on weekdays from 9am till 9pm

2. Jurong Regional Library

Previously known as Jurong East Community Library, the Jurong Regional Library was opened in 2004 by the Acting Minister of Education, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam. It is a regional library that is dedicated to serve the educational needs of the people of Jurong and those who live in the western region.

Suiting to its title as the largest public library in Singapore, Jurong Regional Library contains more than 500,000 reading materials inside its 4-storey building.

The Teens Library Service

For high school students who are looking for a fun place to study, Jurong Regional Library can be a heaven on earth, as it provides a place specially dedicated for teenagers. In order to facilitate its young audience, the library offers plethora collections of fictional novels, comics, anime and graphic books. There is also a stage setup in the teen’s corner for them to do open-mic sessions and performances.

Besides than the Teens Library Service, the library also provides some other facilities which include:

  • Children’s Service Centre
  • The Oasis – A vending machines area
  • Pseudo Book Club
  • Wireless internet Connection
  • Opened everyday from 10am till 9pm

3. Tampines Regional Library

Tampines Regional Library was opened in 1994 and is the first regional library in Singapore. This library can be easily accessed by students as it is located near the MRT Station and bus interchange area.

Chinese and Business Collections

Besides that its easy-access element, it is also suitable for students who are studying Chinese or interested in learning Chinese cultures. Tampines Regional Library has the largest Chinese books collections in Singapore. One third of the library, which is more than 86,000 materials, consists of Chinese books and art printings!

Furthermore, for students who are currently taking business classes, Tampines Regional Library can provide the right business resources for you. It has an extensive collection of economic, management, finance, investments and banking books, all ready to be accessed and explored.

Some other facilities in Tampines Regional Library include:

  • Multimedia Services
  • Children’s Playhouse
  • Meeting rooms/Exhibition centres
  • Opened on weekdays from 10am till 9pm
  • 24-hour bookdrop

4. Woodlands Regional Library

Another interesting library in Singapore is the Woodlands Regional Library. The library acts as a reference centre for those who live in the northern region in Singapore. Opened in 2001 by Dr. Tony Tan, then Prime Minister, Woodlands Regional Library facilitates more than 400,000 volumes of print and non-print materials. The items range from science and technology to architecture to business managements to environments to arts and history.

Children’s Reading Park

With its plethora collections, the library is not only suitable for professional adults, but also for children and parents. The Children’s Reading Park, which is on the fourth floor, provides a comfortable and conducive environment for both target groups. In this park, they can read books and do other fun activities together.  Parents may also consult the children specialists in this library to find out the most suitable reading and learning materials for their kids. To makes thing more interesting, the reading park provides four different sections, in which they can discover and learn together:

  • The World of Stories
  • The World of Languages
  • The World of Creativity
  • The World of Learning

5. Bedok Public Library

If Tampines Regional Library is famous for its Chinese book collections, Bedok Public Library boasts its Malay book collections. If you need to seek references about Malay language, culture and literatures, you may go to Bedok Public Library to have access to its books, audios and videos collections.

On top of its Malay Library Service, you may also find other materials such as:

  • Children’s collections
  • Health & fitness collections
  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Multimedia archives
  • Parenting and family collections

Besides than the five libraries we mentioned above, there are many other regional and public libraries in Singapore. You may find the nearest library in your area by checking out the National Library Board website and feel free to explore each one of them!


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