Looking at Education as a Fundamental Human Right

Looking at Education as a Fundamental Human Right

Today the world is talking about artificial intelligence, rocket science, and many other innovations. But still the light of education has not entered the dark crevasses of the world that remained unaware and illiterate. Education, to these people is a privilege. But the world that basks in the glory of modern culture and developments understand that education is not a privilege, it is a fundamental right of every human on this earth. Every child should get the opportunity to learn to read and write. They should be made aware of the things that are happening around them. The light of education and knowledge should fall equally upon all.

Education as a fundamental human right

The right to education should be legally guaranteed in every country of the world and to every child without any discrimination. The states and the governing bodies should have rights to protect, respect, and fulfill the right to education. In case the states violates or deprives anyone of the basic right of education, there should be a body to take action against state.

UNESCO and the right to education

UNESCO points out that there are millions of children and adults who are illiterate even though it considers education as a fundamental right of all human beings. According to UNESCO, one of the main causes of deprivation of education is poverty.

The Normative instruments of the organization have laid down international legal obligations for the right to education. It aims at promoting and developing basic rights of every human to have access to good quality education without any discrimination or exclusion. However, still lies in the hands of the native governing bodies to implement the rights and to safeguard too.

Education can kill all evils

Even though poverty is considered to be one of the main reasons for education not reaching to every corner of the nation, education can kill poverty. It is a powerful tool for the educationally and socially marginalized people to drag themselves out of poverty and be aware of the world around them. It is the only way possible to harness the human resource of this world to maximum in getting the best possible results in almost every field.

What needs to be done?

 Ideally, every child should be allowed to taste the fruits of education equally. When it comes to quality of education, there should be no discrimination. However, with privatization of educational institutions and incapability of the state governments to provide quality education to everyone, it looks like a privilege of the rich masses.

The aim of good quality education should be to prepare the children to be ready to participate in the development of the nation as a whole. With proper education the children should be capable of participating in rewarding work that is also reasonably remunerative. The process of learning should continue throughout life of an individual.

If education is to be considered as a fundamental human right, then every educational institution should maintain the dignity of every child.  The institution should prevent and stop policies that cause any kind of humiliation or harm to the children. Thus, the children should be encouraged to have self-confidence and they should learn to express themselves fully.

There should be no discrimination based on race, sex, or nationality. Just like other fundamental rights, education should be free and open to all. Students, their parents, and the society should have participation in the decisions that affect the educational patterns and right to education of each of the children of a state.

Expectations of the common mass

There are a lot of NGOs and social activists at all levels of the society who are trying very hard to establish the fundamental right of education for all. However, there is still a lack of awareness among people. Even though education can help to alleviate poverty, it is poverty that is stopping people from going to schools. That is the reason governments across the world should ensure good quality education for free to every children.

Education can single-handedly kill many social evils like poverty, superstition, and child marriages. However, the foremost thing is to ensure that the basic right of education is available to all. Initiatives are taken both by the government and people with the hope that someday literacy rate of this world would go as high as 100%.



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