Lucrative careers in finance are available in Hong Kong

Lucrative careers in finance are available in Hong Kong

For many talented workers, finance is an exciting career to take up. Not only does it offer excellent chances for progression, top-level salaries and the opportunities to use problem-solving skills, businesses in this sector experience different and exciting challenges every single day. And when it comes to choosing a location in which to launch your financial career, there are few places better than Hong Kong: with 18% or so of Hong Kong’s GDP coming from financial firms, the sector is truly thriving here. Here are just some of the career options open to you if you’re a financial professional based in Hong Kong.

Investment banking

Many international investment banks may be headquartered in certain cities outside of Hong Kong, but they often have a big presence here. All sorts of banks have offices on the city’s streets. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, for example, is located in the Cheung Kong Centre in Central, while JP Morgan is located on Connaught Road. For those who currently live outside Hong Kong but keep up to date with the job market here (and have an eye on a potential move), meanwhile, working at an investment bank is a good way to plan your immigration to Hong Kong. Many of the people who work in this city are expats from abroad, and it’s considered a top destination for international financiers who want to move.


The presence of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange means there are lots of brokerage houses here – and, consequently, a decent chunk of stockbroker jobs. Just recently it was revealed that the operator of the Exchange, HKEX, had netted billions of dollars in profit in interim earnings – suggesting that the state of the stock market is pretty healthy. Finding a job in a firm of stockbrokers is not necessarily an easy task, though, but there are resources available to help you. Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor both have dedicated sections for stockbroker jobs in Hong Kong, while reading the specialist trade press may also be a good move.

Further afield

Hong Kong occupies a key position in the Asia-Pacific region. Acting as a conduit between the economic powerhouses of the northern hemisphere (like South Korea) and the major economies of the south (like Australia), it’s a great springboard for those who may be looking to move on elsewhere at some time. Those who have previously worked in Hong Kong’s vibrant financial sector have later gone on to work for the best Australian stockbrokers, while others have moved to Tokyo and other big financial hubs. 


Working in finance is often a great career choice no matter where you’re based, but Hong Kong is particularly rich in financial sector opportunities. From the possibilities to move further afield to the wide array of brokerage houses and international banks which fill the city’s office blocks, this truly is one of Asia’s most bustling financial hubs.


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