Tips To Improve Mental Mathematics Skills for Best GMAT Scores

Tips To Improve Mental Mathematics Skills for Best GMAT Scores

Do you remember the last time when you did calculations manually? In digital era, computers as well as calculators are used for mathematical calculations that make us mental math illiterates. However in tough competitive examinations such as GMAT, lack of use of calculator becomes a point of concern for many candidates in Australia. Is it also a matter of fear for you? If yes, then it’s high time for you to hone up your skill. If you sharpen this skill, you can reduce the requirement for hand calculations and avoid some errors.In brief, mental mathematical skills can be beneficial for you in the following ways:

  • It helps you to do calculations mentally, thereby saving your time to a great extent
  • Choosing right answers in examination is vital. By developing this skill, you will be able to do estimation that also helps you to pick the right question to fetch more marks.
  • Since you make the calculation in your mind, you can easily avoid mistakes that you are likely to do while solving questions with pen and paper.

Mastering the mental mathematics skill is a colossal task. How about adopting the right tricks? Here are few tips for you. Score good marks in GMAT quantitative section.

Addition Made Easy!

The best way to add a lot of small numbers is to clump the ones that actually add up multiples of the number 10. If you have to 4+7+11+3+9+5+6, then it can be easily arranged as (6+4) + (3+7) +5+ (9+11) =10+10+5+20=45.

Go for smart subtraction

A valuable trick for subtracting the numbers is to start with smaller values and break the entire subtraction process. For instance, if you wish to subtract fifty six from two hundred and fourteen you would begin with 56 and then add 40+100+4+14(=158). Why don’t you try out this technique? Subtraction becomes so easy and simple.

Simplify multiplication

Suppose you wish to multiply 25X6, you might immediately think 20X6=120 and 5X6=30, and 120+30=150. This is the best way to arrive at solution quickly without using paper or pen. On the answer sheet, you may also write (20X6) + (5X6) =150. There is an alternative technique to solve this problem. You can also see it as (30X6)-(5X6) = 180-30= 150. You may find few more ways.

Memorize cubes

To score good marks at GMAT quantitative section, it would be better if you memorize cubes from two to eleven. Most tutors find out few tricky ways to memorize the cubes and help their students to improve mental math skills.

Know the Prime Powers:Prime number is positive integer that is greater than one and which is divisible either by itself as well as one. For instance, 5,7,11, 3, 2 are the prime numbers. There are other prime numbers as well. By definition, two integers become prime when they do not have any common factor greater than 1. For instance, seven and two are relatively prime. However eight and twelve are not prime numbers since they both have four and two as common factors.Plus, you should remember that prime number except itself becomes relatively prime to other integer. The lowest common multiple of 2 prime integers become their product. The highest common divisor of 2 prime integers becomes one.Learn the divisibility rules:Master the divisibility rules. For examples it is important to note that a number becomes divisible by two if it usually ends in 2,0,6,4 and 8. Also a number becomes divisible by four, if last 2 digits form the number that becomes divisible by four. A number becomes divisible by four if it is also divisible by two at least for two times. Plus, a number becomes divisible by eight, if last 3 digits form one number that is also divisible by eight. The number is divisible by eight if it becomes divisible two for three times. Also the number becomes divisible by three if sum of the digits is also divisible by three. For instance, 327 becomes divisible by 3+2+7=12 that is divisible by three.Try to develop your own mathematical shortcuts or even try out the ticks you have just read and also implement the ones that helps you to secure good GMAT math scores. Once you find out your suitable you should starting training your brain and use the techniques properly whenever required.Image Courtesy:


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