MBA Options in the Middle East

MBA Options in the Middle East

What comes to your mind when you hear about the ‘Middle East’? A land of infinite business possibilities and economic gains, right? A rich reservoir of oil, petroleum and natural gas, this region lures thousands of businessmen and entrepreneurs. You must be aware of the fact that this part of the world is always abuzz with a great deal of economic activities.

This has triggered the growth of business education here. However, I can safely say that this kind of education is still in its nascent stages. The positive scenario is that it is growing steadily in all the Middle East countries, particularly in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other regions. For, these regions are introducing a large number of business management experts in their academic institutes.

To train entrepreneurs in the art of business, MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and business management courses are included in several local universities. They are scattered across Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and other portions of the Middle East. Let us take a glimpse at some of the most renowned MBA options in the Middle East, in the following paragraphs:

  • Hult International Business School: This is probably one of the most distinguished business school that possesses campuses in seven nations. I am talking about the Hult International Business School. In the Middle East, you can join it’s Dubai campus based in UAE. Other locales are Shanghai in China, San Francisco in US, London in UK, Miami, New York and Boston in US. The Association of MBAs and The New England Association of Schools and Colleges have acknowledged this institute. It offers an Executive MBA program and an MBA who duration is one year.

As part of the Executive MBA course, you have to study Corporate Responsibility, Quantitative Analysis, Financial Management, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Banking, Change Management, Technology Management and so on. If you join the one-year MBA program, your topics would be Adaptive Thinking, Accounting, Communication, Soft Skills and much more.

is a famous business school. You can study undergraduate, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree courses in this school. It is acknowledged by TEQSA that implies Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency. Here you can opt for either its EMBA or Executive MBA course or the Global MBA (Global Master of Business Administration) course.

The Association of MBAs has accredited the Global MBA course that has a duration of one year. It teaches problem-solving, decision-making, communication, networking and leadership skills. On the other hand, EMBA program lasts for two years and is meant for professionals who must pursue their higher education alongside their jobs.

  • INSEAD: INSEAD is an important business school that has several campuses in Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Europe (France). It had been established during 1957. Here you can choose to study any course amongst PhD in Management, Master in Finance, Executive MBA or EMBA, a general degree in MBA and many other business education courses. Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Ethics, International Political Analysis and Corporate Strategy are some of the course topics for MBA course.

You must also know that this institution is the one and only business school that provides EMBA course in all its three different campuses. If you opt for this course, you would learn all about working together in a team.

  • University of Wollongong: Founded during 1993, the University of Wollongong is a private institute that is present in Dubai in UAE. When it was established, it was known as the University of Wollongong in Australia. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research acknowledges all the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs that are offered here. Some of the numerous subjects that are compulsory when you would study MBA here comprise Marketing Management, Financial Strategy, Management Project, Accounting for Managers, Business Analytics, Strategic Decision-Making and others.

Masters of Strategic HR Management, MBA, Master of International Business, Master of Quality Management and Master of Strategic Marketing are the different courses offered here. The institute is also accredited by the organization called TEQSA based in Australia.

  • American University of Sharjah: Also referred to as AUS, American University of Sharjah is a non-profit academic organization that offers co-educational facilities to its students. It was set up in the year 1997. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has accredited this esteemed institution. This academic body acknowledges all the undergraduate and graduate courses provided by AUS. You can choose any of the two MBA programs offered here including Executive MBA as well as the ordinary MBA course. These courses are provided by the department of School of Business Administration of AUS.

So, gear up for the best quality of MBA education, dear friends. These are just a few of the numerous promising institutes offering MBA programs in the Middle East. You can go for MBA courses in UAE, Saudi Arabia or Qatar, as they are considered to be some of the most reputed ones. Before applying to universities, go through their accreditations and their admission criteria carefully. And choose the one that would be the best for you!


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