Why some College Uni Students Suffer Mental Health Problems

Why some College Uni Students Suffer Mental Health Problems

The life of a teenager is extremely difficult. It is a tough phase of life through which each and every person has to go through. It is an age, where most of the students start going to college, they have to face various types of situations and challenges. Parents and teachers need to identify the problems of the students. College students face various types of problems like studies, assignment submissions, peer pressure, competition amongst friends, family problems, earning problems, hostel issues, etc.

Why some college and university students suffer mental health problems

In today’s world, there are certainly growing concerns over mental health issues affecting college students. They suffer from problems like depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders and addiction.

The pressure to succeed is one of the major reasons. Students spend a majority of time worrying about how to add things to their resume. Also, college is often first time where they have the freedom to take their own decisions which can often be daunting. It is said that the pressure to do well in the future, coupled with financial struggle rise to mental problems in students.

Students feel that since their parents have invested loads of money into their education and for the sole reason of getting a degree, it is their duty to perform extremely well in college and get very high grades. In order to achieve this students take too much of pressure and when they are not able to score good marks, the problem of depression, suicides and drug addiction arises.

Parents need to understand that although they have invested lots of money, each and every student has a specific capacity to perform and pressurizing their children is of no use.

Social Media also plays a key role in a college student’s life. The combination of academic and societal pressure brings about downfall of students. The growing technology and presence of social media and internet has only contributed to pressure felt to be perfect. Social media could prompt unfavorable comparisons between peers, further exacerbating symptoms of mental illness. It makes students more pressurized to be perfect with less capability of expressing their true emotions. It induces feelings like jealousy, increases competition amongst classmates, adds pressure on parents to buy expensive gifts and puts fake impression on all the people.

During college students deal with a unique amount of stressors. It is a period where students experience many firsts, including new lifestyle, friends, roommates, exposure to new cultures and alternate ways of thinking. When students can’t manage these firsts, they are more likely struggle. This results to depression and anxiety. In college academic competition is much more significant. So there is the palpable pressure to do well. Introduction to the college also influences identity as the familiar people are no longer there to reinforce the identity these students have created for them. This can make students disoriented and feel a loss of their sense of self. A shaky identity and lack of confidence can lead college students to make poor choices about drinking and drugs. And though some students can handle college in an effective fashion but it puts a great strain on counseling centers to accommodate the larger numbers.


Parents, teachers and the management of colleges play an important role in a student’s life. Children should be aware of what is expected of them and there is no need to take pressure. Parents should explain these things to their college going students. Today, many mental health awareness campaigns have started and most of the colleges are supporting it.


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