Mistakes of Technology Implementation in Education

Mistakes of Technology Implementation in Education

With new technologies being rolled out every now and then, every sector has been springing up to capitalize on the expanded scopes that tag along. Technology has opened up doors to highly beneficial opportunities that didn’t even exist before. Education is one of those industries that has benefited massively from the wonders of technology.

Quickly digital learning turned into an effective learning tool. It began creating a positive impact on students’ academics. Educational institutions worldwide started adopting tech tools and augmenting them aptly in their teaching methods. Digital learning trends quickly took over education by storm.

With many experts touting the scores of advantages of the integration of technology in education, its pitfalls slowly started taking shape with every passing day. Despite the benefits, the shortcomings of technology are too glaring.

However, the good news is, these can be avoided by making informed decisions in augmenting technology in education. In this article, we are going to address these problems and find ways to work around them.

Not Using Technology in the Classroom

So the authorities have bought a batch of iPads for every class. They have been lined up in the classrooms, each student has been assigned one and that’s it. The magic of technology is now expected to show its plumes all by itself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that.

Technology needs to be used, or else they are nothing but trinkets in the antique collection. These devices need to be used in the learning process. And that is just the start.

Depending upon the subject you teach, you can download apps to enrich learning tenfold. This will not only make the learning experience more comprehensive, but also interactive and far more engaging for students.

Prioritizing Technology Above Learning

Do you know what’s better than the usage of technology in classrooms? The right amount of usage.

Just because technology has been dumped on learning does not mean that you have to place its importance over learning. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to make it a point to use technology every single day. We are not prisoners of ed-tech. Instead of trying to run ahead with its usage, you can try adopting it in a way that benefits students’ requirements.

Some days, you can give technology a break and resort to conventional teaching methods. You can even start getting creative with your lessons. Role playing is one of the best ways of comprehension. You can try that.

No matter how taken your students are with technology, you would need to make them understand that there is hardly anything that beats human interaction.

Improper Planning

It is easy to get carried away with technology. There are so many intriguing options and resources available that can confuse you and your students if you do not take out time to understand the various aspects and plan your lessons around these.

You need a proper planning in place because of the following reasons:

  • Your lesson plan may not require the tools you are planning on using.
  • It is crucial to understand the tools that support your lesson plans and its scope. Otherwise, you could be wasting time tinkering your way through unnecessary resources.
  • Your students may not have similar access to tech-tools like they do in the class.
  • Supervision is important. If your plan of using tech-tools leaves low to no room for supervising the content your students are looking up online, then you might as well abandon that and start from scratch again.
  • Inadequate knowledge about the tools or software you are planning to implement can be a towering hindrance to proper usage.

You would also need to teach your students online etiquette before handing them the devices. You would need to train them about how to locate relevant and quality content on the Internet, the sites to stay away from, things not to share over the Internet, privacy and so on.

Inadequate Training

There’s a reason the professional development training is laid emphasis n. Teachers are not expected to know every aspect of using technology in education. Th professional development class is conducted to equip teachers with these skills.

Unless you have a sound knowledge in ed-tech, you would struggle to plan your lessons around it. As newer tools emerge, it will become difficult for you to keep up and you will find yourself under loads of pressure to make this work for you.

It is crucial that you attend these classes to gather all the knowledge you can so that your lessons become more enriching instead of a burden.

What other mistakes of implementing technology in education would you like to add to this list? Share those with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


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