New Ways to Equip Students with Competencies for the Future

New Ways to Equip Students with Competencies for the Future

As soon as a student qualifies higher secondary examination he/she has to be ready to face multifaceted challenges. It could be in applying for higher studies or in the job world. That is the reason it is the responsibility of the mentors to provide futuristic education. Job-focused education helps in honing skills. With all-encompassing education students become smart enough to win every competition.

A tutor should teach subjects beyond the realm of school tests. It is important the mentors to understand individual’s skills and abilities. It is definitely crucial for a teacher to remember that “an elephant can’t fly”. Thus, if a student is good in English, all the students in the class may not be so. So, do not lecture about a single profession or suggest the same set of subjects in the college or university. Let them choose their own favorites.

What should you teach?

Students should be taught communication skills and teamwork. These two are probably the founding stone for success. Communication skills do not exactly mean learning any particular language. It is in fact more than that! Learning to communicate clearly and specifically about a matter is a skill one needs to practice.

It is important to learn to be a part of a team and play a crucial part as a team member. So, it is the sole responsibility of a teacher to impart these to the students. Futuristic teachers will not focus on the test but on the teaching skills. They will teach the students to be more confident. Remember, tests on paper and pen will only showcase a students’ understanding of the subjects. But in real life there will be many tests for skill, perseverance, and quality. So, it is important to teach life’s important chapters.

Key factors of future-focused learning

Future focused education equips the students to take control of their own learning. They will have a better understanding of the ways they learn. Moreover, they will be sole responsible for driving their own learning. Thus, it can be said that the students are also the co-designers of the learning environment. They will be able to help the teachers set specific curriculum to induce better learning.

The pace of learning will depend on the students’ capability, interests, needs and usefulness. In the case of a future-ready, personalized learning environment, the content, method, and pace will definitely vary. So, in a learning that includes personalization there will be individualization and differentiation.

Technology and future

This form of imparting education involves technology. Thus, it allows the students to become experts by using the available content. Along with the teachers they will become experts of technology and create content too. In this form of teaching, everything including technology, time, teachers, and learning environment should be flexible to be able to comply with the standards of individual student’s needs. This form of learning is a challenge for the teachers. It is required to find out the new resources needed for supporting a healthy learning environment for the students.

What could be the role of a teacher?

There are so many things that can be done to introduce futuristic learning to a specific learning environment. But have you understood the actual role of tutors or mentors in this? Here is a list of pointers, to help you understand the role of a teacher in this form of learning:

  • A teacher is responsible for building up the learning environment for individual student.

  • Introduce the use of technology to engage learners

  • Understanding students’ needs, interests, strengths, and aspirations

  • Provide approachable learning environment anytime, anywhere

  • Provide support to the evaluation processes and assessments

  • Collect responsive and dynamic information about each student

  • Developing a sound curriculum for developing learning capacity through knowledge

  • Help students to solve problems and find solutions to certain issues

Last, but not the least, it is important for the teachers to help the students to be more creative and manipulative. They should be able to intelligently evaluate what is good for their future career and educational growth. It is also important to improve the communication skills, as discussed earlier, for the students to be able to find a place for themselves among the huge competitions they face. They should definitely be proficient in technology-based learning environment.


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