Online Physics Tutor - Studying Tips for Introductory Students

Online Physics Tutor - Studying Tips for Introductory Students

Physics can be quite intimidating, especially for the beginners. However, Physics is not as difficult as many assumed. Just like any other subjects, Physics can be mastered by students  beginners or advanced  if they know the proper learning techniques.

In this article, we will share with you several studying tips for introductory students and how online tutoring can help you in your quest of learning and mastering the subject of Physics!

Know the concept of physics – Before you embark on the journey of studying Physics, you need to know what the subject is all about. Even though Physics requires quite a number of calculations, it is not all about numbers or formulas. Physics is mainly about understanding the concept  not memorizing. By enrolling yourself into online tutorial classes, you can improve your understanding in Physics as your online Physics tutor can help you understand each Physics problem and create a smart strategy to solve it.

Have the course outlines in your mind – In his book entitled ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, Stephen Covey wrote “Begin with the end in mind”. What this means is that you need to know what to expect at the end of your studies before you start studying. By having such clarity, you will able to know, beforehand, what is coming and how to solve them. Some of the Physics topic outlines are:

  • Linear and rotational motion
  • Conservation of energy and momentum
  • Magnetism and electricity
  • Concept of heat
  • Gravity

Your Physic online tutor can guide you in each chapter and make you understand how the current chapter is built upon the previous ones. He will give you summaries or reviews on the chapters and help you to make sense of them. As a result, it will increase your understanding and speed up the process of mastering the subject!

Keep up with the course – For Physics, it is important for you to keep up with the course! Don’t get yourself behind from your teacher. It is also important to make sure that you fully understand the current topic, before your teacher moves on to the next one. For you to have such understanding, you may use the help of your online Physics tutor. Make your tutor as a supplementary teacher. Enhance your understanding by having extra online sessions for each chapter. Such continuous reviews will definitely help you to keep up with your school teachers and avoid getting left behind in your Physics studies.

Be prepared for the labs – Besides than understanding the concepts in Physics, you will also need the skills in implementing the concepts. That’s why you have labs! For you to be prepared for the lab sessions in school, use the service of your online Physics tutor to get yourself familiar with the apparatus, concepts and conclusion of each experiment. Make sure you understand the purpose of each experiment and know the main points that each experiment is trying to deliver to you. To further prepare yourself for Physics exam, you may review with your online Physics tutor on the questions that can be asked from the experiment.
Know the formulas – Besides than that, another tip for introductory students is to know the formulas! After getting a full grasp of the concept, you will also need to know the related formulas. You need to know what each formulas represents and when to use them. Your online Physics tutor can help you identify the important formulas in each chapter. You can then include those formulas in your notes and use them correctly while answering homework or exams. Several important formulas in Physics are:

  • Newton’s laws of motions: First Law (F=dv/dt), Second Law (F=ma) and Third Law (Fa = -Fb).
  • Kinetic energy:  K = ½ mv2
  • Gravitational potential energy: U = mgh

Have good notebooks – In addition to all the tips above, there is another tip. For each learning session, make sure you jot down all the necessary notes on several important items:

  • The themes of the chapter
  • The important concepts of each chapter
  • The formulas in each chapter
  • The problems you expect to be solved for each chapter

In case you have any question regarding each of the items above, you may consult with your online Physics tutor. He can help you to further understand each one of them. Such understanding is very crucial for you to be able to move on and study the next chapters.

If you apply any of the smart tips proposed above, it will be easier for you to understand the subject of Physics. Plus, by having an extra help of an online tutor, you will be able to further master it and be well-prepared for any homework, assignments, quizzes or exams!

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