Online Tutoring - Get online help in writing good essays

Online Tutoring - Get online help in writing good essays

Just like how Math has formula, essay also has a specific formula for students to follow in order to write a good essay. For an essay to be considered good or high-quality, it needs to have informative points, well-structured formats, correct applications of grammars and sentence structures.

Now, knowing all that and you still think you need some help with your English essays, you might want to consider online tutoring. Online English tutors are usually either experienced English teachers or undergraduate or post graduate students who are taking English as their majors in the universities. You might ask, “How can an online tutor help me improve my essay writing skills?” Well, read on. We will explain it to you!

Get familiar with lots of the topic

When it comes to exam questions, you can never really guess which topic of essays that will come out because there are so many topics that can be asked in the exam. However, for you to be able to properly write an essay, the first skill that you need is the skill of familiarizing yourself with the topics.

If you are to hire an English tutor, you will be able to do weekly practices with your tutor. He can prepare for you tons of topics and go through with you each one of them. The more exercises you do, the familiar you are with the topics. Sometimes, the same points can be used in multiple essays  if they are relevant enough, that is!

Brainstorm the idea in bullet points

The second important formula in writing a good essay is the skill of brainstorming ideas of the topic. Many students know the importance of the brainstorming session but not many know exactly how to do it. This is where your online tutor comes into place!

Your online English tutor can teach you how to brainstorm the ideas and organize them into bullet points. He can do a demo on how to quickly think of points for the essay. The main key in brainstorming is: Do not stop yourself from writing down the ideas! Keep writing whatever that comes into your mind and at the end of the brainstorming session, you should have a long list of points. Your online English tutor can then help you double-check those points and filter out the most relevant and informative ones.

Structure your essay

Even if you are good in brainstorming ideas for your essay, there is still another formula in writing a good essay. You need to know how to correctly structure your essay! Sometimes, an essay that is packed with points can still be lousy. This is because the essay is lacked of structure.

Your online English tutor can help you write a good essay by showing you the correct way of structuring the essay. He will teach you to pick several points, produced in the brainstorming session earlier, and group them into several different paragraphs. Your online English tutor may also show how a well-structured essay looks like, which usually has all the followings:

  • Good introduction
  • Several paragraphs with points
  • Well-formed Summary

Without the structure above, it will be very difficult for the teacher or examiner to find your points and grant you high marks.

Use correct grammar

Besides than that, if you want to have a well-written essay that has fewer or none grammatical errors, you will need to define the mode of your essay. For example, if you are to tell a story that has happened in the past, you should set the tone of your essay to be in a past tense.

Your online English tutor can organize additional grammar online sessions with you in order to polish up your grammar skills. Besides, you may also use the online sessions to ask any of your grammar-related questions or concerns. He can then answer your questions and deliver any of your concerns regarding English grammar. By having such grammar skills, it will be easier for you to apply the mode and choose the most correct words in your essay!

Write essay using connectors

 Last but not least, a good essay requires its writer to use proper sentences and connectors to ensure the smooth flow of the essay. A smooth flow will keep the attention of the readers and have them engrossed in your story.

If you have an online English tutor, he can help you to write a good essay by showing you certain connectors that can be used in your writings. Those connectors are:

  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly etc
  • Besides than that
  • Besides
  • Furthermore
  • Nevertheless
  • However
  • Regardless

Your online English tutor can explain to you the meaning of each connectors and show you when and how to use them in your paragraphs. With such connectors, you will be able to keep the flow of your points smooth and better deliver your ideas!

There are many other ways your online English tutor can help you in writing good essays. Above are just some of the examples. Therefore, feel free to give online tutoring a try and see it improves your English grades and overall skills. Check out our website at to learn more about our tutoring services!


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