What Parents Can Do To Help Students Fight Bullying

What Parents Can Do To Help Students Fight Bullying

In today’s times, there are approximately 32% students who get bullied at school. However, what people often fail to realize is the fact that bullying can have an effect on everyone. be it the people who are getting bullied, the people who are a bully and the people who witness it, everyone gets affected. It can have a negative impact on the mental health of the child and cause health problems, anxiety and depression. It is also seen that the people who get bullied perform rather poor academically.

Parents and teachers can play a major in preventing bullying. Bullying is serious issues that need to be addressed and parents are the best people to understand what’s going in the child’s mind. Listed below are a few of the things that the parents can do so as to help their kids fight bullying.

Speak to your Kids

Parents, of course, talk to their kids about their homework, day at school and their grades, but then there are serious issues that need to be discussed as well. The first things that you need to do as a parent are to talk to your child about bullying. This would allow the child to understand what bullying is all about. Depending on the relationship that you have with your child, the child might share if he/she has experienced some kind of bullying at school. As a parent, you must understand that it takes a lot of courage for the child to open up and confess that they are being bullied.

You must make your child feel that they can tell you anything and you are always there to help them. You need to tell them that you are going to help them to stop the bullying. Ask them who were involved in it and how it all began. The more details that you can get, you would have a greater chance of being able to put an end to it when you contact the concerned authorities.

Spot the Signs

Children often have the habit of hiding things from their parents. This becomes especially true when they are being bullied. They do not know whom to trust. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your child feel safe so that they can share anything and everything with you. If you feel that your child is behaving a bit weird and has stopped sharing even the day to day to activities of the school, you should watch out for the signs of bullying. You might not spot your child sulking or crying, but there would be some or the other sign that would tell you if your child is a victim of bullying.

You must do your research. It is often seen that the victims of bullying display the signs of loneliness, depression and seem to be sicker than ever. You may notice that your child would try not to go to school. You should always be observant of any kind of unusual behavior or change of attitude of your child. If you notice any such things, you can consider gently approaching him/her to see if bullying is the cause of all of it.

Get in Touch with the School officials

The best way to prevent bullying is to get in touch with the institution directly. Parents can consider contacting the school officials like the principal or the school counselor and tell them everything about the bullying that you child has been facing. Try and provide as much detailed information as you can. It is important to emphasize the fact that you want to the bullying to stop completely and are going to work closely with the school authority so as to ensure that a solution can be found out. It is quite possible that there are other students being bullied too and therefore the people who bully need to be punished. This way the school officials can get in touch with all the victims and inform them about the issue.

Bullying is undoubtedly a serious issue and as parents, you can definitely stop it from happening. You must tell your child that getting bullied or bullying someone or even being the witnesses to such incidents is absolutely wrong. The children must understand that such issues need to be dealt with appropriately and you are always there to support them.


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