PM Lee: Upholding High Academic Achievements a ‘crucial factor’ in Singapore’s Success

PM Lee: Upholding High Academic Achievements a ‘crucial factor’ in Singapore’s Success

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There is an accentuation on all-round education in Singapore, and the development of character and qualities among the youthful, however it is as yet critical for students to ace the scholastic educational modules and endeavour to exceed expectations in their examinations, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Thursday (Mar 21).

“Our schools, our ITEs, polytechnics and universities maintain rigorous academic standards, and give students a solid grounding in their different subjects,” he said at a gala dinner commemorating the 100th anniversary of Hwa Chong Institution.

Addressing in excess of 12,000 individuals at the supper, Mr Lee recognized Hwa Chong Institution for keeping up high scholastic models, calling attention to that the school has developed a celebrated history and notoriety.

Hwa Chong, he stated, must keep on flourishing as an instructive organization, which requires a coordinated exertion on three fronts - maintaining high scholarly accomplishments, advancing Chinese social qualities and getting ready students for Singapore's multi-racial, multi-religious society.

He said that as a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school, Hwa Chong has an extraordinary obligation to advance Chinese customary culture, qualities and legacy, and to assist students with mastering their native language.

This, he stated, was the reason establishing Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew presented SAP schools in 1979.

Mr Lee included that Hwa Chong has not exclusively had the capacity to pervade these qualities in new ages of youthful Singaporeans, yet has likewise received its methodology for students experiencing childhood in an alternate time, for example, through the Bicultural Studies Program.

On the third front, Mr Lee said Hwa Chong students must comprehend the setting of Singapore's general public, and their own obligations inside it. “You must know how the society works, identify with fellow Singaporeans of all races and religions, and feel a responsibility for your fellow citizens,” he said.

“You need to feel a calling to participate in community and national affairs, to contribute to the society and system that has nurtured you, and to take on leadership roles to take Singapore forward.”

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