Preparation for TOEIC In Thailand

Preparation for TOEIC In Thailand


Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an examination produced by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). It is widely used to judge a potential candidate’s English comprehension skills, especially in an international environment. This is used in many countries around the world where English is not the mother tongue. This test began in the mid-1970’s when the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, led by Yasuo Kitaoka and retired senior bureaucrat Yaeji Watanabe, requested the Educational Testing Service to develop a test to gauge an examinee’s skills in real-life, business type English.It was initially used by corporate clients globally, but gradually its use spread to University Graduates. This is because, many Corporations today require new employees to take this test. From its humble beginnings in Japan, the test has spread to other countries in Asia as well. It is more frequently used in various countries in Europe and South America where English is not the first language. The test consists of two parts: the first part, the Listening and Reading Test taken on pencil and paper for 2.5 hours, is held at a test centre. The second part is the Speaking and Writing Test, which evaluates pronunciation, coherence, vocabulary, grammar, structuring of sentences and so on. The initial purpose of the test is to gauge the examinee’s general ability in English. However, today it is widely being used for other purposes like considering an employee’s suitability for promotion or overseas assignments. Thus, today many colleges, universities and vocational schools are offering TOEIC classes for their students. Like many other Asian countries, TOEIC is widely used by the Thai companies to:

  • Hire globally competent new employees
  • Give both employers and employees an edge in today’s competitive world
  • Aid Universities in placing students in the global workforce

Since TOEIC is the common English language test used around the world, the results can be identified as the world standard. This test is used by many companies in Thailand to evaluate the standard of English of its employees and hence, arrange suitable positions and/or international offers for them. TOEIC scores are also helpful to recruit new employees, as it helps companies realize how much time potential employees are spending on developing themselves. There is an increasing demand for people who have passed TOEIC in today’s workplace. Besides, students, parents, and young adults also look for reputed teachers and tutorial classes who can better equip them to take the tests. A number of coaching centers have mushroomed all over Thailand to help students prepare for various standardized tests (including TOEIC) and to equip the new generation to gain access to excellent career opportunities that will be fundamental in shaping the country’s future. Today, a young Thai is spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right course or teacher to help him/her secure good marks in the TOEIC examination. There are reputed local tutorials or branches of internationally recognized global tutorials, which organize live courses for small groups of students. These classes are conducted by well qualified and skilled teachers who regularly use updated materials backed by exhaustive research and a history of success. These teachers and coaching centers help students to find success in achieving their professional as well as career goals.  While private tutors have the advantage of giving their students individualized attention, reputed tutorials have well researched and prepared course curriculum, highly educated teachers, and excellent facilities. Today, there are plenty of tutorials as well as courses in Thailand, which prepare young Thais for TOEIC as well as other competitive English courses, such as TOEFL and IELTS. They help the students by:

  • Equipping them with useful analytical skills
  • Imparting the techniques to be successful in these tests
  • Conducting trainings as well as giving overviews for all parts of the test
  • Providing consulting services on the tests

Different parts of the test, among other things, include questions on:

  • Vocabulary
  • Structuring of sentences
  • Listening and reading comprehensions

Preparing for English skill level tests like the TOEIC or TOEFL can often be a long as well as difficult process for students. Most students taking the tests have a specific goal in mind, be it the entrance to a foreign university or a job promotion. When you are planning to take the test, you need to check, which test is the most appropriate for your goal. To make sure you get the best possible score on test day:

  • Use study materials specifically customized for the particular test
  • Familiarize yourself with the question formats
  • Practice the common vocabulary required for your English test
  • Take some practice tests to get an estimate of your current score
  • Recognize the areas where you can improve

There are also plenty of online schools where you can prepare. All these options are worth considering for serious test preparation. Image Source:


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